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Alchemo Arrow

A bit silly, pretty logical. More than a little crazy.

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So... what to put here... well, I'm really not sure. It feels a tad strange to be filling out a bio. (I'll break this wall of text up with a few pieces of art I've created.) I guess I should start with how I found this site. I found out about this site because there was a link to a sparity fanfic in the description of a pony music vid that I was watching. The sparity fic was... blech. The story moved way too fast for a oneshot and both spike and rarity were quite out-of-character. Anyway, that's how I found this site. Which has become one of my primary sources of literary entertainment since I read absurdly fast and quickly run out of physical books to read. (seriously, it took me about 7 hours to finish The Mark of Athena) I have some skill with digital graphic design and am pretty good at noticing and fixing grammar and spelling mistakes(if you are looking for an editor I might be able to help you). I would like to eventually start writing fanfics of my own and have plenty of ideas and complex story ideas to draw from but... well I rather suck at actually putting a story into words.
Anyways, I should probably mention that the name of this account and the pony shown in my profile pic isn't(aren't?) my true "ponysona". Rather, Alchemo Arrow is one of my three MLP related sona's. And he is a tad bit a lot of a mad alchemist.

I don't mind talking about politics or religion in the slightest, unless your a close minded moron who is too stubborn to except the views and validity of other's beliefs. Also, for the record, I will mention that I am also a furry and have been one for several years now. And I have a plan to secretly become popular on youtube as a LPer, since I verbally debate things with myself all the time I figure I would be pretty good at commentating, at some point, once and if I pass some level of popularity that I will determine at a later date, I will put out a video explaining that I am both a brony and a furry and I will link this page and both my SoFurry page and FurAffinity page SO AS TO... make a better name/reputation for both fandoms? Not really sure, part of the idea stems from the fact that I think of it as the ultimate way to troll anyone who hates/dislikes either fandom.

That is all.


FINNALY!!!! I have a story concept that I can actually fully plan out!!! Though I'll need help... · 6:08am Sep 7th, 2013

As that stupidly long title says, I finally have a story concept that I can take from beginning to end without any gaps in the sequence of events. Very basic description;

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Thanks for the follow!

My army grows :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

1641858 Hugs make everything better! Especially hugs from anything furry or feathery!

1641738 Because of Sweetie's Shadow

Imagine. you are alone by the beautiful Sana Monica bay. The seagulls give out a lonely cry, amidst the crashing of the waves upon the shore ahead. The day is beginning to set into a beautiful orange-red glow, when you feel a paw upon your shoulder, and a soft voice responds, "Do not fear... Rusty is here." You turn around to come face-to-face with a purple Yoshi-wolf Pegasus with a pink and red mane. Her kind red and blue eyes, one with a red scar show only kindness and compassion. "You are not alone.... not one bit." Surprised, you struggle to find the words to say. She envelops you into a sudden warm hug, and you absently note she is way softer than she appeared. Caught off guard, but unwilling to refuse a free hug, you hug back. You feel her purr as you wonder how to take this in.

  • Viewing 144 - 148 of 148
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