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The Great Scribbly One

A misplaced loremaster of Arda.

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  • 54 weeks
    From the Dawn of Time Appendices: Coasts, Cavegriffs and Calaquendi

    Hello everyone, I do hope you enjoyed your trip to the neolithic and weren't too disappointed that it took place in the back end of Griffonia. If you were, then this blog ought to set things if not straight, then at least smooth the crumples.


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    0 comments · 126 views
  • 78 weeks
    Reform Appendices: Parliament, Princesses and Peerage

    Hello everyone, I do hope you enjoyed the beginnings of Luna's reforms! I've been blown away by the responses to it thus far, thanks so much. We'll definitely be seeing more of Luna in the hopefully near future, and perhaps of Buff Envelope as well at some point.

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    4 comments · 541 views
  • 81 weeks
    Silver, Sir Humphrey's militant cousin and a progress update

    Yesterday, the results of the Fifth Annual Equestria at War Writing Contest came in, and to my surprise my entry Teething Troubles came second!
    Do have a look at the other fics on the podium and the honourable mentions, if you haven't already.

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    0 comments · 104 views
  • 99 weeks
    Equestria at War Writing Competition 2022

    Wow, a year already. Or a bit more. I sadly missed the one year anniversary of Prologue's release, but that isn't the point of this blog. I haven't released anything for a while, and that's for the reason that I've had to do a major rework of the first book of the Quenta Roccolie for numerous reasons mentioned in the butterfly woes blog. It'll be worth the wait. Hopefully.

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    0 comments · 152 views
  • 108 weeks
    Context at last!

    Hello, and happy Maglor Day! After much wrangling of translations and head scratching over graphics, I am pleased to unveil in overglorious fashion a simple map of the mythical Kingdom of Tailte Sioc:

    2 comments · 123 views


Good day, or good night if that is more appropriate! Welcome to my abode, I am The Great Scribbly One! A humble title to be sure. I am an accredited Master of Chemistry, extremely British and, as you may have guessed from my bio, an expert in the lore of Tolkien's Legendarium, particularly of all things Elven.

What am I doing here? You might ask. This is after all, not exactly the realm of Arda. Well, the short of it is that one day a fine German gent urged me to play a surprisingly good Hearts of Iron 4 mod, Equestria at War, for an old-fashioned screenshot LP series I had been making at the time. The setting gripped me, the juices of the muses flowed and I found myself wandering into a small cluster of fellow EaW writers who share a common metaverse, of sorts. I highly recommend looking them up (or down, since several of their works are in my shelves).

My writing within this fandom is mostly contained within the Quenta Roccolië, derivative of EaW and existing as the mirror universe to the Quenta Nairelossëo, my Silmarillion series. The main focus falls upon the Royal Guard during and after the Great War against the Changelings, though events in the far flung reaches of Griffonia have also been documented by intrepid Noldorin annalists.

As a matter of policy, I never release a fic until it is complete. As such you will never have to worry about eternal hiatus syndrome from me. If a fic is dead and I ever post what has been produced of it anyway, this fact will be clearly signposted.

Quenta Roccolië