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A magical accident has a human end up in Equestria in the form of a unicorn.

Warning, Spoilers in comment section.

Cover art by: Sipioc

AN// All thanks to the people over at spacebattles.com for betaing.

Sequel can be found here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/306592/normal-life

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Trollestia and star wars, I lkie

Hanging out with a princess.....Eh......Something something about special somepony

This is good. I don't know why it has so many dislikes.

I like how the protagonist is calm and collected, and isn't here to fight an ancient evil or something. Nor is he a tenth level arch-magus with a deadly spell repertoire after only a few months.
Also, the social interaction is realistic and engaging, without being dramatic or anything.

I'm waiting until Discord shows up. That will be fun. :twilightsmile:

I have come to the conclusion that this entire 'magic horn' thing is infinitely superior to hands once you get used to it.


Fuck hands, I don't even miss them at this point.


A magical accident have a human end up in Equestria in the form of a unicorn.


How much money i wonder?

Luna bringing him to the gala is going to fuel those rumors about the two of them.

Somewhere, Princess Cadance rubs her hooves together, and says, "All is proceeding according to plan."

Yep..he got two wrong.

6267003 2? He only got 1 right.

And, at some point, he has to have some interaction with the mane six. It's perfectly fine if their not central to the story, but seriously, there has to be something.

6267465 there is a tag featuring them so of course they will interact...and quite a lot from the look of it....you don't put a tag there when it is not central to the story.


Sorry about that. They are going to be in the story, but they are not 'main characters' as such. Adjusted the tag.

She KNEW I didn't want to borrow the bits to have my book published if I couldn't get a publisher to pick it up.

And what happens? I wake up this morning to a knock on my door to have ten first edition books delivered. The rest of the five thousand books are sitting in storage, waiting for my go-ahead to be delivered to the bookstores all around.

I can't believe she did that! She even had a cover made (It's even close to something I would have picked myself)! I don't even know if I should go yell at her or if I should kiss her.

I would be rather pissed if Luna did that to me, as it would imply that I wouldn't have been able to get them published myself. That and others would say they were only published because a Princess paid for it. I would take all 5,010 books to Luna, tell her what for and then turn them into a bonfire right in front of her. Then I would tell her I don't want to see her again.

That or I would just leave them to collect dust.

Don't see why he need to change the Death Star its an Artificial Moon for crying out loud. Plus Star Wars is Science fiction its main purpose is to make you think an dream of what tomorrow could bring. Thats the only criticism have about this chapter or maybe i just dont see why that would have to changed eh..


Why throw away a friendship over a misunderstanding?

That's what communication skills are for.

People do irrational things when they're angry. I don't think I actually would do what I said but I would still be angry, she was only trying to help after all. After calming down and thinking things through I would seek out Luna and ask for and explanation before I decide whether or not to approve them.

Begun the prank war has?

Rumor can turned to fact, you know.


TNG showed humanity at its best.

ToS never ran out of excuses for Shatner to get into shirtless fistfights.

My favourite is Deep Space Nine.

Every time you post a new chapter I sit there and read it with a big smile on my face.:pinkiehappy:

Don't really have anything to comment about, but I want to, so, here. I like it.

Before he declared no prequels, I was thinking he should push back the release of Return of the Jedi, and publish the prequels after Empire Strikes Back.

IV, V, I, II, III, VI, in that order. :trollestia:

6288870 Hiver actually writes this primarily on the spacebattles creative writing forum, so if you ever want to read it a bit before its posted here, that is a good place to look.


I wanted to see rambow dash reading a new hope

Good story, but you lose points for that crack about Nightwish. Question: why did you skip over Nightmare night? I'd like to see what Page and Luna talked about after she came back from Ponyville.

Oh look, Luna brought her colt friend to the party..... I mean friend:scootangel:

I've got to say that a whole chapter dedicated to 'Page is not good at shields' makes for less satisfying reading than the adorable interactions between Page and Luna.

I dunno. i kinda like hearing about it. in so many stories the unicorns are really O.P., it's actually refreshing to read about them having it as tough as the other races.

6270557 If it sells well, pay her back what it cost plus interest regardless if she wants you to pay her back or not.
She's already got one on you, can't change that.
At least pay her back for it.

I think Luna would faint if she saw the American Tax Code over 77,000 pages of horror.

Hopefully you don't do the whole Pinkie-chicken-backside-gobbling-thingy...

That was a sad excuse for the element of laughter...

I really want my backside whole and ungobbled.

Cover Art!


Actually, just a wallpaper I had laying around. I got tired of having just a blank spot. :p

“...Is Sky Walker and Princess Leia going to get together?”

I died laughing, but I got better.

6310262 So you either got a priest or paladin or necromancer to revived you after you died?

Also.....hahahahah Sky Walker and Leia.


This is actually one of the first stories on this site that didn't just make me smile because it was funny at times I just smiled because it was REALLY GOOD and for that, you are getting a FAV

Clearly Page has never been to Humansville, Missouri.

6314010 BWAHAHAHAHAH ..... Wait WHAT that's actually a thing. WTF

Is this going to be one of those "neverending" stories?
Or will there be an ending eventually? (And hopefully a sequel)


I actually just finished writing it today. I will keep posting one chapter a day though.

Never let it be said that you don't know how to keep readers coming back


Well, I have been writing stuff for years. This is just my first MLP thing, Usually I write over at Spacebattles.

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