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Hawker Hurricane

Yorkshireman and tea drinker. I have a Patreon account.


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Story Progress

PROGRESS UPDATE: Last updated 21/11/17

I Treasure Your Love
Chapter 33 - Writing

One Step Forward, A Huge Shove Backwards
Chapters 14 -16 - Awaiting to be published

Let's Rock 'n' Roll
Chapter 14 - Writing

Trojan Pony
Chapter 7 - Writing


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3. Celestia
4. Rainbow Dash
5. Vinyl Scratch


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IT'S BACK!!!!!! · 6:25pm November 22nd


Also, the next three chapters are finished and won't be too long. My proofreader/collaborator is going through them. I'll publish them only when he's finished (and give him as much time as he needs to do so).

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Glad you like it, and there's plenty more to come yet.

Love trojan pony pony lol reminds me of the applcrack vid on youtube where the end scene shows her in an orange jumpsuit behind bars

I would but Connor arrived in Equestria before the film came out.

for the fic "I treasure your love" have you considered having Dunkirk on that laptop of connor's?

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