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Hawker Hurricane

Yorkshireman and tea drinker. I have a Patreon account.


I have a Patreon page where anyone who wishes can become a Patron.

Becoming one is entirely optional but it will be greatly appreciated should you decide to do so.

Story Progress

PROGRESS UPDATE: Last updated 15/12/18

I Treasure Your Love
Chapter 38 - Published

One Step Forward, A Huge Shove Backwards
Chapter 20 - Writing

Let's Rock 'n' Roll
Chapter 18 - Writing

Trojan Pony
Chapter 12 - Writing

My Past Is Today
Chapter 3 - Writing

Top 5 Favourite Ponies

1. Spitfire
2. Sunset Shimmer
3. Celestia
4. Rainbow Dash
5. Vinyl Scratch

My current Patreon Donors (very nice, generous people)

Below is a list of current Patrons.

Khadija WestAkarkouz
Camron Mouton
Daniel Tate
Moonlit Forest

If you wish to become a donor as well you can become one by going here.

My Stories


Story updates · 10:53pm Monday

New chapters are coming along (for all stories). Just slowly. I'm busy with work most of this week but I'll try to do bits where I can.

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Hey i want to ask for your advice you i have been wanting to write my own story on this site but every time try to do i change my mind i want want to know if you wanted to know the details of the story i want to write and see if you would want to read it so i can have a honest opinion to see if other people think it is a good idea for a story

Can’t decide what I like more let’s rock and roll or I treasure your love lol

Good lawrd that was good!

No. I've tried it but couldn't get into it.

do you perhaps play warthunder because i just have a feeling

  • Viewing 22 - 26 of 26
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