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Yorkshireman and tea drinker. I have a Patreon account.


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Story Progress

PROGRESS UPDATE: Last updated 20/6/18

I Treasure Your Love
Chapter 37 - Writing

One Step Forward, A Huge Shove Backwards
Chapter 17 - Awaiting to be published
Chapter 18 - Writing

Let's Rock 'n' Roll
Chapter 17 - Writing

Trojan Pony
Chapter 9 - Writing

Top 5 Favourite Ponies

1. Spitfire
2. Sunset Shimmer
3. Celestia
4. Rainbow Dash
5. Vinyl Scratch

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My Stories


Story updates · 9:37pm June 4th

New chapters are coming along, it's just that work have become short staffed and my hours have picked up as a result. This week I'm doing 40 hours over four days. I'm going to try and finish the next chapter of 'I Treasure Your Love' this week, and the next chapter of One Step Forward is being looked over now by my proof-reader/collaborator.

After I publish the next chapter of ITYL I'll start on Trojan Pony.

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Can’t decide what I like more let’s rock and roll or I treasure your love lol

Good lawrd that was good!

No. I've tried it but couldn't get into it.

do you perhaps play warthunder because i just have a feeling

When will a new chapter for "I treasure your love" come out?

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