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You are a pony and are attending the Grand Galloping Gala. You see a cake. Specifically Celestia's private cake. You are told not to touch or eat it. You decide you want some. But it is Princess Celestia's private cake. The punishment for even touching her private cakes without authorization is severe, even more so if you actually eat some.....

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This was a fun read :rainbowlaugh:

If you ever plan to make a sequel, I hope it'll be about Nightmare Night and show what happens when somepony breaks the rules by eating the candy instead of giving it to Luna :pinkiecrazy:

This was a cute story, made me grin from ear to ear reading it all.

6805370 Nightmare will be the setting. I've got something in mind I just need to flesh it out.
6806119 I'm pleased to hear it.

Have either of you read my other story? It's not exactly Tolstoy but it's still worth a read.

What a rebellious pony we are! Going against the system! Fuck the police!

FUCK THE POLICE!!!!:pinkiecrazy:
Eats the cake and shouts
Thug life!!:coolphoto:

Moral of the story, break all the rules that seem idiotic to you :derpytongue2:

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