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This is a group only for stories that have a TV Tropes page, or wish to get a TV Tropes page. There are only 4 rules:

1: Stories that already have a TV Tropes page can be found in both the Main folder, as well as any other folders that meet the criteria for the folder.

2: Writers who want their story to get a TV Tropes page who are members of the group must place their story in the 'Wishes for a TV Tropes' folder, nowhere else. If/when they do get a TV Tropes page, they're allowed to delete their story from the 'Wishes for a TV Tropes' folder and move it to the folders whose criteria their stories meet.

3: If you have a TV Tropes account, please let me know and provide a valid link to your TV Tropes user page. I'll make you an contributor right on the spot.

4: Normal site rules do apply. You can't post or link to NFSW pictures or stories, and if you do, the thread will be deleted.

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Here is my account:

And I really would like some of my stories to have their page on Tvtropes, I hope you can do me that favor.

I added my stories to the group, but I can't figure out how to put down a link to my specific TV Tropes profile. All I can get is the general link.

I completely forgot to do the thing!

Right then, it's contributor time:

432714 You should still feel bad.

We don't have an article named Tropers/Eddy1215. If you want to start this new page, just click the edit button above.

Alright, how about this:

Also, any chance someone could make a tvtropes page for my story "You Call That A Costume?".

414870 Only you can see your own account with the link you posted. Everypony else will see their own account if they click on your link.

TL;DR Your link is bad, and you should feel bad.

I used to have a TvTropes account (several of them, I might add) but, if you notice I am also a member of the shameless self-promotion bureau, you can put two and two together and understand how I got all of those accounts banned in the first place. But with little options left, plus business is doing good, might as well go the legit route and request any fics I write have a TvTropes page (and any fics that have notoriously vile villains, but not too vile like borderline grimdark, be discussed in the Complete Monster thread on TvTropes:

Recently created, but I'm going to help edit a few pages I saw around the site soon.

I had a Tvtropes account, I just don't remember what it was called.

I do not have an account.

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