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You can dislike my stories all you want, but at the end of the day, I’m going where no one on the site has dared to go before.

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  • 80 weeks

    Sorry for being gone so long..

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  • 107 weeks
    Major Apologies

    I’m still here. Just looking for the moment to post some more stuff.

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  • 110 weeks

    Sorry for the lack of publishing for the past couple of days, due to my ADHD pill not being here for the weekend and today, my energy levels have been all over the place, so to speak. But, not to worry, I will be back on working on the Equestria Games Series (Original and Rewritten) tomorrow!

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  • 113 weeks
    Coming Soon..

    For those of you that have enjoyed “The Transfer And The Farmgirl”, here’s some fantastic news. Soon, there will be more Cato x Applejack, and more Hunger Games Characters being thrown into the magic with the upcoming sequel, the Little Shark and the Lead Siren, starring the District 4 male from the 74th Hunger Games (played by Ethan Jamieson in the movie) and the lovely Adagio Dazzle. A bit of an not so obvious pairing for a sequel, but I think you’ll enjoy.

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Back · 12:52am Mar 23rd, 2022

Sorry for being gone so long..

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Thank you so much for the favourite on my story:twilightsmile:

My pleasure. I guess from looking at my stories, you can see what I mean by "going where no one on the site has gone before".

Thanks for adding Silent Dawn to your favorites! I hope you like it!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave of A Story of Love (Among Others) :twilightsmile:

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