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Hello, Leon Davies here, also known as TheLeondude or just Leondude. Animator, professional voice actor, brony, autistic celebrity, Dark Lord of the Sith etc.

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One important thing you must know about me · 2:51pm Last Thursday

I like big busts and I cannot lie:


Also, read the current story I'm writing

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Just a little something to post if I ever get my own TvTropes page (or at least a folder in the Characters page for The Not-So-Cynical Creator's Guild on TvTropes, that's right, they have their own TvTropes page and a character page):

The Anti Nihilist: With sometimes posting songs like Don't Worry, Be Happy and Always Look on The Bright Side of Life in certain threads, he really does put the "Not-So-Cynical" in Not-So-Cynical Creator's Guild.

Attention Whore: He has no problem promoting himself and his works. While it is okay within certain groups on FIMFiction, this habit has actually gotten him permanently banned from TvTropes.

I Am Very British: He is also a member of the UK Bronies group and he types in British English, which is especially noticeable when he uses words like "arse".

Nightmare Fetishist: He has mentioned having a mind-control fetish and was apparently drawn to grimdark stories when first coming to FIMFiciton.

Paralyzing Fear of Sexuality: In spite of freely admitting that he likes big busts and he cannot lie (along with making unpublished webcomics using SFM with the characters of Equestria Girls that are surprisingly safe for work but he still masturbates to them), he has mentioned that he finds sex to be repulsive and shows disdain for clopfics (unless they have detailed mind control, of course).

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: He is a self-proclaimed Dark Lord of the Sith but, unless his player character during his SW:TOR playthroughs on Twitch counts, he doesn't really do anything related to the dark side.

Small Name, Big Ego: His bio has, along with the aforementioned information regarding his being a Sith Lord, labeled him as a professional voice actor and a celebrity. He is yet to meet any of those criteria.

Trademark Favourite Food: If the topic of favourite desserts come up, he will declare his favourite dessert to be donuts.

Later. It's just I've got a routine that involves me checking how many views (and other statistics) my latest story has got, then checking out my feed, then looking at whatever stuff on the feed interests me, then looking at the Complete Monster cleanup thread on TvTropes, then looking at the Magnificent Bastard cleanup thread on TvTropes and then having breakfast at 1:30PM (what can I say? I'm not really an early bird). I'll let you know when I'm available for chatting.

Can we talk on discord?

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