We all like to write fanfics on this site and share "what if" stories among our fellow writers and readers. However, do you ever feel like you want to take your writing a step further? Ever have ideas for original stories and characters but have no one to discuss them with? Well, look no further.

While we can't really publish original content on this site, this will be the next best thing. This is a group for writers to come together and discuss original story ideas. This is for writers who feel like they are satisfied with their fanfics and want to take their writing to the next level, creating original works. You can discuss ideas with other writers and find places where we can publish original stories. You can post your fics in the group as well. You can even recruit beta-readers and co-authors too if you want.

Rules should be simple:
1. Be nice to everyone
2. Post your fics in the folders if you want
3. No roleplaying
4. You can discuss as many original ideas you want in the threads
5. You can start individual threads asking specific questions about your ideas or about certain writing techniques if you want.

Have fun!

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Yeah, it really does:twilightsmile:. Don't worry though, I plan to make them look like how dogs, or wolves should look like when I get to that part:raritywink:! I can promise you that:rainbowdetermined2:!

By the way, if you want to check out my story, here's the like to it:scootangel:!


Hope you enjoy:twilightsmile:!

Tbh, I thought that was one of the more creepier episodes, mostly by those dogs and their weird designs. But yeah, the show does have a lot of adventure elements to it.

Oh it does, and it will be, that I can saw for sure:rainbowdetermined2:. Another reason why is because I think that there are some episodes that can make for a good adventure story:scootangel:. Like that time when Rarity was abducted by those Diamond dogs:raritywink:.

Sounds like a long and epic fic from the sounds of it.

It's called 'The Guardians of Harmony'! Basically AU version of the Main Six, along with a few OCs all coming from clans and working together to make sure Equestria is safe from all harm:rainbowdetermined2:. It's basically a rewrite of the whole series, since I joined a group that does rewrites of MLP, accept it has some additions and changes to it, especially with the battles:raritywink:!

Well you came to the right place. What series?

This looks like a group that I could join:pinkiehappy:! I definitely want to go to the next level of writing, especially since I'm creating a series:scootangel:!

I am to assume that we all agree to keep everyone's ideas in the hands of the owner?

Little paranoid about IP theft.


If that's what your most comfortable with, then yes.

I am to assume that we all agree to keep everyone's ideas in the hands of the owner?

Little paranoid about IP theft.

You can post videos and gdocs here in the threads. But we still have to play by the sites rules and not post any actual stories on here. Otherwise, this group would be shut down.

Is there a rule about tags, kinda thought this be fun for the group.

Welcome to the next level, my friend. 😄

Hi everyone I'm actually writing a book right now, so expect many threads :pinkiehappy:

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