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Welcome to Starry Eyed Reviews. :trollestia: Be sure to read the 5 simple rules here. I know I know, it seems like a waste of time, but if your story gets deleted because you broke a rule you weren't aware of then that would be a real waste of time don't you think? :rainbowlaugh: Here we strive to help writers with their stories by offering constructive criticism after reading their stories. If this sounds like something you'd like then please refer to the rules below. Please share knowledge about us, we would like to be able to reach out to others as well. Join the group and submit your story, be patient, your story will be gotten to when I have time. After you've received your review, responding to it is very welcome and encouraged. :twilightsmile:

1: This group is only for people who are willing to take this seriously. :ajbemused:
When your story is up for review, you will be asked two questions. Do you plan on continuing or finishing this story in the near future? And. Are you willing to seriously consider the points made in the review and make the changes if you find they're needed? If both answers aren't yes, another review group would be better for you.

2: No completed stories.
The only exception to this is recently finished one-shots.

3: This is a group for stories that actually need help.
Don't come here submitting a story with tons of likes. If your story is at least 85% liked, I won't bother with it unless it only has 15 likes or less. If you've already submitted a story that doesn't follow the rules either request a different one of your stories and inform me, or your story will be deleted and you will lose your spot in line.

4: *Your story gets ONE review.
When you get your review please do not ask for another later after you have worked on it and improved it some more. One review per story. Also, if you have more than one story submit one story and then wait three days to submit a different story.

5: *These stories cannot be written mostly for YOUR enjoyment.
Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with enjoying writing or having fun. What I mean is if a story looks like it was made solely for the writer to enjoy and barely at all for an audience it will be rejected. An example would be a self-insert involving clop or where everything seems to go the way of the main character. You made that story so you could feel nice, don't come to me and ask how to make it better. :unsuresweetie:

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That is a good attitude to have, I'll look forward to it then. :ajsmug:

I have a few stories if that's okay. They're not a lot of recognition, but that's not why I'm here. I've got three stories that I need a review on.

Don't care if it's harsh, If I need to improve, I'm ready to be told how to improve. The stories are, Fallout Equestria: Story of the Lone Changeling, Prince Ezio: The Changeling Assassin, and A bunch of Fight scenes written for no reason.

Take all the time you need.

I'm not sure I understand your question. (If there is one) The rules say finished stories aren't banned. Edit: Until May 2018 Anyway, if the story is made solely for the writer to enjoy then I'd rather they kept it to themselves. I've read some pretty cringy stuff like "The Pursuit of Happiness" and worse. A story can still have clop and or mature themes while still being a very good and well written story for the readers. An example of this in my opinion is "Love is Harsh".

Okay, okay. So I was reading through the rules, and the one about unfinished stories Vs finished kinda struck a topic in my head between parts of my brain. One side said well yeah that makes sense, but the other said something akin to, "what kind of half.....brained story review group doesn't help an author/writer improve based on previous work? I mean, come on! Look at my past stuff it's EASY as .....pie to see where I messed up. But that calls into question whether or not I messed up elsewhere and I just don't see it. And if that particular point doesn't come into play for several stories/chapters/ whatever, how am I supposed to preemptively fix that mistake if I can't see it?" Just my own thought. ......wait hang on. ONE REVIEW..... are you in fact, absolutely you should probably get some more people to help you out bro. There are other, considerably larger groups that will in fact invest FAR more time into helping people improve. What if they make other mistakes later? They need to write an ENTIRE new story to fix those while making the EXACT new mistakes?! Lol!!! That's just ... Silly. Also even a self insert involving clip is kinda an art form which takes time and effort in the extreme to fix/make. So, say they were to pursue a hobby/extra cash making venture, (not unlike any other fanfiction), and they wanted help to collect larger commissions, or improve those self insert skills so they can make a .... I don't know.... A choose your own adventure book, or an internet version of that kinda mindless crap, all in the name of making one massive amazing video game that involves you playing as literally you, (which considering current tech could happen soon enough) you would turn them down based solely on the fact that it was made for a singular person to enjoy? Food for thought, brought to you by the author who hasn't updated in .....jeez I better get writing huh?

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