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The pony processing organ in my head still has some foreign non-pony contaminants.


Video reviews · 6:58am March 17th

Why they so bad? Like nine out of ten youtube video reviewers of pony fan fiction are just terrible. I've gotten to the point where I'm all caught up on the BMRL but still have the energy to work on it. So I once again dipped into the video reviews bookmarks. Which once again reminded me why I don't do them as a regular thing. Half the time finding out what story is being reviewed is a struggle. Just link the damn story properly, dang it!


Big Ultra Master Review List · 6:11am Jun 7th, 2014

This is THE BIG MASTER REVIEW LIST, AKA: the huge list of pony fan fiction reviews.

100+ people & groups covering over 10,000 stories by almost 4,000 authors.

Adding up to over 20,000+ reviews all together.

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Thank you so much for the follow.

Thanks for adding And-everything-in-between to your list! :twilightsmile:

Harsh review, oof. Good thing that was only my third story. I improved since then.

It got a review here, and I've been catching up adding review links to the Big Master Review List.

Thanks for adding The Minds' Insanity to your Review sheet. May I ask what made you consider the story reviewable?

  • Viewing 466 - 470 of 470
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