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The pony processing organ in my head still has some foreign non-pony contaminants.

The decent ponyfic I wrote


R4 Index #01 · 9:23pm Oct 31st, 2014

Because I like organizing things, here is the first index for my R4 posts. Since the complete index would be much too long to scroll through I've decided to break it up into chunks of 20 posts, each one covering 100 old reviews. I'll be putting these up at the start of each chunk and adding links as the R4 posts happen.

Pony Fan Fiction Stories I have reviewed 1-100

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Big Ultra Master Review List · 6:11am Jun 7th, 2014

This is THE BIG MASTER REVIEW LIST, AKA: the huge list of pony fan fiction reviews.

100+ people & groups covering over 8500 stories by over 3000 authors.

Adding up to over 15,500+ reviews all together.

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Winter Sucks · 11:06am Last Friday

Bleh. The winter blues is kicking my ass even more than I remember it doing previous years. Then again, my memory is terrible so maybe it's better than last year! Anyway, as people who check my blog and follow me here probably noticed, haven't posted much. Mostly due to depression and my sleep schedule trying to pick a fight. I think I'm gonna officially say that I'm not going to be putting out any content/reviews or updating the BMRL for another month or so. Take that slight pressure off my

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I noticed the post! It's been put into the bookmark folder, but I've gotten behind again due to winter'n'brain not working 100%. Thank you for letting me know!

It means your story was reviewed by someone.

So, what does being in The Master List entail, exactly? I'm a bit out-of-touch with most things of this nature. Glad to see that The Gentle Folk got added, but I'm a tad confused as to why.

Thanks for pointing it out. I'll have to recheck that review post to see if I missed anything else in it. As for the story, I'll put it near the top of my to-read list.

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