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Welcome to Spike's Hidden Gems! This group is a proprietor of stories unknown the fandom as a whole. Whether your story is a Slice of Life, a Romance, a Drama, or any other genre, our goal is to get it out there to the masses!

Every story submitted to this group and accepted will be given a brief review, and will be added to a folder titled, 'Uncovered Gems'. If your story is especially fantastic, then we'll add it to one of two folders. 'Cubic Zirconia', for if your story is on par with many of the more popular stories on the site, and 'Diamonds', for stories that we consider to be masterpieces of literature. The only things we look at regarding a story are popularity, and readability. If your story is good, and hasn't gotten the attention that you think it should, then submit it!

Once your story reaches over 100 upvotes, it will be moved to a new folder titled, 'Popular Gemstones'. At that point, your story will be considered 'graduated'.

We look forward to being the curators of many an unknown story!

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You can add stories, it just has to be through the story itself under the 'Add Group' function. Not sure why.

EDIT: Now that a story was added, the option seems to be available in the folder itself.

Hm, it is set to allow users to add stories. It doesn't seem as if I can, either. Let me ask a mod.

Under 'Submissions', it isn't?

416269 How do we add? The "Add Story" button isn't showing

Whenever you please!

When do we submit our stories in the Submissions folder?

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