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"I'm a Big Goat now, I need Big Goat things!" ~Markiplier (he is not a brony)

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Sorry, but $h¡T happens · 10:10am August 9th

Look, my life, has been absolutely batshit crazy with a capital crazy and horrific with a capital whore. I will be attempting to write more, more often, but for RIGHT now, I am going to go get some VERY we'll deserved sleep. If you give a damn, I'll tell you, if you don't, fuck it.

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1897072 I don't suppose I could steal that little ditty for if I find any new members?

1897072 Dude. I've been on the site for a year. :rainbowlaugh: In all seriousness though, thanks for the appreciation. Your stories are very good so I don't see how they won't continue to appease my need for reading material. Also, sorry for not responding sooner.

Welcome welcome welcome! A fine welcome to you!

Welcome welcome welcome! I say, how do you do?

Welcome welcome welcome to a choice you won't regret!

Welcome welcome welcome to FIMFiction.net!


Thanks for following me, SeanofTheDead!:yay:

I really appreciate it and hope my stories continue to entertain you in some way. :twilightsmile:

1845365 Well the other parts are already in my library. And they are all very good. Though I will likely keep the first part as my favorite in the series.

Thanks for the fave! :pinkiehappy:

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A few odd things about me

Hi my name is Sean I am 23 yrs old and currently using a computer to type my random ass thoughts onto a site that could probably care less. I am a member of a number of groups here on fimfiction and am a contributor to The Hot Muffins a group founded and operated by none other than Pedro Hander whom also happens to be my first friend on this site, he is also quite the artist and writer. point is the dude rocks so check him out.

what else am i going to blather on about? idk but it'll be odd.

Okay wild rantings part2. So I like to play find the single golden thread in the haystack, meaning one of those simply fantastic pieces of literature everypony else seems to overlook. I also happen to find joy in helping others... meaning if you need a helping hoof or a critic I'm here for you. If your story is plagued by poor grammar and or spelling again I'm here for you. If real life has you down and you want to rant at talk to someone I'm here. YOU just have to let me know.

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