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This group was founded when PromonarchyGenius and I saw a failing in someone we followed, when the reason we followed him was no longer there. So we talked about it, and I had the brilliant Idea to make a group dedicated to what the aforementioned person told us he had stood for, that all of his followers seemed to like. So this group is dedicated to what his name stood for. And(at least for me it is) it is for people who need something or want something. Need an editor? Look here. Need a proofreader? Need another group to post your latest story in? Yep we do that too. Need a friend we are here to help those that feel they have no where else to turn. We are here for those have no where else, and those who want another place to be. we accept all we help those we can, and turn none away because we are the Music.

Post stories in every folder that applies to what they are. Sorry still very tired. Let me know of anything else I should do.

That being said I suppose we need to make some rules yes?

Rules will be posted when Admins get together for THE COMMANDMENT CREATION CEREMONY!!!

Want to contribute? Say so and I or another admin will perform a cursory analysis to determine the capability of any applicants.
Words too complex? Tell us if you want to be a contributor and someone will check you out. If you make it we will let you know.

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PROOFREADER STILL NEEDED :applecry::ajsleepy:

Hello, I was told about this group by a friend here on FimFiction and they said that I might be able to help someone with proofreading their stories. I should say that I can help with spelling and Grammar but punctuation isn't my strong point, so your on your own there. But if someone is willing to give an Unknown like me a chance with helping out with their stories, I humbly thank you.

Comment posted by The Leader deleted Sep 25th, 2014

373565 As am I. The more the merrier!!:rainbowwild:

Oh, that's all? I wholeheartedly support the name, but the person was quite hit and miss. :raritywink: I would never say he was a bad guy, but I'm glad you're not propping him up as a role model, heheh. :twilightsheepish:

I'm glad I stayed. :pinkiesmile:

373316 actually Ive been meaning to change that we represent what his NAME stood for It was like four a.m. when I wrote this sooo... Yeah...

This has probably one of the strangest motivators I've ever found. :twilightsmile:

I don't attribute any one person to being good, much less Music Within Us. It's not right to epitomize any one person as being exceptionally good at something, especially something like this. When you do that, then you start to see even their negative actions as positive, because you blur the lines on what's right and wrong.

You gotta maintain your own sense of morality. Him seeking attention is a good reason to break ties with him, but, while he was nice to authors who don't write very well, he also wasn't the white knight you're making him out to be. I'm aware of several occasions in which he lashed out to other users in anger; whether those users deserved it or not isn't important, but what is is how he reacted to those users. I don't feel that a guy whose heart is in the right place, but whose actions spread the wrong message, would be the right guy to specifically dedicate a group to. And this is long before his attention grab. :unsuresweetie:

It's too late to change what is, and I'm still going to be a member of this group for my own reasons. I just don't think that saying "pre-attention" Music was the kind of person we should try to be is really the right way to go about helping others. I will not attack anyone. :duck:

This group has grown a lot in my opinion these last few days, ad I've been around since this group started.

Well this stuff is new...

Seems like a curious group, and you have interesting enemies. I'm in!

372899 I would like to thank you for defending us here. I know the life of a mod is a busy one. So thanks for sparing some time to help us out.:twilightsmile:


372865 Please don't post blogs attacking groups like this. If you think it's a dumb concept, then congratulations. Go tell all your friends over Skype or something. Don't come piss on the group's doorstep and whine about it in a blog.

The site's a big place. You can go elsewhere.

372851 Tell me the name of the story and I will get started as soon as I am able.

372865 I am beginning to wonder about the reading skills of people on this site... READ THE TOP OF THE PAGE!

We are dedicated to what he should have been. Not what he was. He was an attention seeking idiot and I realize that. I made this group to be a place for everyone to come and find a place to get help with anything they need help with as well a make up for Music's failings.

Comment posted by Patient X deleted Aug 28th, 2014

Any proofreaders Calling all proofreaders Calling all proofreaders

372832 Okay first there are varying degrees of mental illness. Secondly I do in fact have documented and medicated ADHD. So I kinda have the right to joke about it. Thirdly I have a little brother with Cerebral Palsy so before you go all high and mighty and tell me I don't understand what it is like to not have a future think very carefully...then don't do it. I think about that every day, It feels horrible to know that I can't help him. Now two things are going to happen. First you are going to apologize for your antagonistic comment. Second I am going to delete aforementioned comment and not bring in a mod once you have apologized. failure to do so will result in a temporary bann from the group and a mod will be brought in.

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