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Always bored? Well this group is for you

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Not really but yes mostly bored.

359250 I think that's the reason he started it

359249 'Kay... I've never heard that song before...

359248 it's actually a song tho

I'm so fresh you can suck my nuts
I'm so fresh you can suck my nuts
Etc. etc. same thing over and over

359244 *chuckles* sorry hehe :rainbowkiss:

359241 Same here. Smiley and I think someone else, too...

359240 Yeah... but please don't joke like that... I have a few friends close to making that choice... I'm kind of sensitive to that idea...

359238 I'm just playing with you, man. I don't like the thought of death.

359236 That is both poetic and depressing...excuse me while I slit my wrists. *Pulls out a knife.*

359234 I'll be here doing... nothing... wallowing in my boredom... losing my will to exist into the crushing blackness of being bored...

359233 Not really, I did say updating so, it should be soon that I will join you in the world of pure boredom.

359231 Okay... I'll be bored alone...

He's so fresh you can suck his nuts

359229 Too late, bro...I'm gonna be updating My Dear filly Snow Cloud, if you need me...

359228 Yay! Now lets... uh... lets go... um... be bored?

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