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Give me a reason to love again and I'll give you a reason to think twice.

My OCs Bios

-AGE- 19
-DOB- Feb 14
-FAVORITE COLOR- Pink.... dah
-DESCRIPTION- White coat, red and pink striped hair (wavy/curly), double heart (red outer heart and pink inner heart)
-PERSONALITY- Always happy unless you piss her out or upset her in some way.

-AGE- 19
-DOB- Feb 13
-FAVORITE COLOR- Black or Dark blue
-DESCRIPTION- Gray coat, blue and light blue striped hair (straight), no cutie mark.... yet.
-PERSONALITY- Always make sure she's in the heat. She literally is cold blooded. Also, DON'T PISS HER OFF (Even though she'll just say she'll kill you but won't)!!!!
-THEME SONG- Stand in the Rain by Superchick

-AGE- 19
-DOB- Feb 14
-DESCRIPTION- Very light coat (nearly white), green and yellow-green striped hair (frizzy/wild), *I don't know how to describe her ass mark*
-PERSONALITY- Shy... That's it...
-THEME SONG- Silhouette by Owl City

-AGE- 1900+
-DOB- Feb 12
-DESCRIPTION-Black coat, purple flowing hair (Alicorn hair), her cutie mark is a purple heart crossed out by a light purple X
-PERSONALITY- Unlike Sapphire, she does kill only thing is she kills first and asks questions NEVER!!
-THEME SONG- Ready to Die - Andrew W.K

*Lil Lady
-AGE- 22
-DOB- June 9
-PERSONALITY- A free-spirited mare who just wants to find herself. She doesn't have a cutie mark yet, but she will definitely get it soon... I hope...

-AGE- 14
-DOB- June 19
-PERSONALITY- A young child who just wants to be recognized as an adult.
-THEME SONG- Miss Independent - by Ne-Yo

*Sakura Bloom
-AGE- 30
-DOB- April 6
-FAVORITE COLOR- Sunset orange
-THEME SONG- Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown

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Age - 19
Song(s) I'm Listening To - SHY Martin - Good Together (Acoustic)
Who I'm Feeling Like Right Now (OCs) - I'm not ready for tomorrow... (Sapphire)
What I'm Doing Right Now - Drinking
My Ideas (What I'm Thinking About Right Now) - If it isn't love, tell me why do we hurt so good?
Random Word/Phase of The Day - P.M.A. (Possitive Mental Attitude)


I'm actually about it do it! · 11:44pm Dec 21st, 2018

So I just started writing for the prologue on my new story Little Miniya Cub and I made progress. It should be 1000+ words long by the time its done and it'll be one shortly. I'm so proud of myself!

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O How I Love Books!!!

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Thank you for becoming my follower! :scootangel:

Thanks for the follow, it is appreciated immensely, thank you. :twilightsmile: I hope I keep doing what it is I'm doing that made you follow to begin with. Have a nice day :raritywink:

I actually have an one that's more kid-friendly but this works too

Your profile pic looks ready to go for halloween. πŸ‘»πŸ’€πŸŽƒπŸ‘½πŸ‘Ύβ˜ οΈπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘Ή:raritywink:

Thank you for writting a good story. I'm going to read the sequel at my lunch hour. It should be good! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for the kind comment and the follow. I really do appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

No problem! Can't wait to read it! :pinkiehappy:

...derp XD

Thank you anyway ^^

I'm sorry. I actually pushed it by mistake. I was trying to put it in read later. :twilightoops:u

Thank you for my first-ever dislike! Sorry my story isn't your thing, and I hope you find others you enjoy more.

  • Viewing 121 - 130 of 130
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