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I love reading Fan fiction, and sometimes, I like creating dramatic readings for them. :) http://www.youtube.com/user/thelostnarrator



This story is a sequel to The Tale of The Lost Narrator

You’ve heard the tale of a beloved lost and a mare forever searching and now you’ve met with a terrible fate. Don't worry though, Beloved's found you and it's her turn to tell you a story while she guides you from this life to the next.

The dramatic reading can be found here!

Cover art provided by Cole Petty

Special thanks goes to Magpiepony for helping with prereading and editing.

Make sure to check out the Sequel to this story: Stained Memories

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Comments ( 20 )

Oh, this is something cool. I like.

~ Chapter: 13

:rainbowkiss:. It's a sequel. Yes, my prayers were answered! I still think the first one is one of the best horror fics on here, and this keeps the same atmosphere. You are very good at this.

The fact that both of them are equally at fault for what happened puts a whole new spin on things, and still makes this sequel just as disturbing as the first story.
And damn, I can't even catch a break in the afterlife!

Can't wait to listen to the audio reading

Soon... It Shall All End, And 2 Souls Shall Be Rekindled. Or... The Everlasting Darkness Shall Steal 1 Away.

Oh Magpie, you fickle, wonderful, liar story teller. I am curious though, if Losty is reverted. I don't think their lives together could be possible. Going back to that town would be neigh impossible with everything Losty did, right?
Anyway, you did an exceptional job! I remember the release of the prequel to this last year and I'm looking forward to next years regardless of it being a further continuation or not. I know the reading of this will be glorious, hehehe.

Side note: I imagined Mag being swallowed by the inky stuff from Truth Be Told. Not important, but yeah. Horrifyingly good image.

Have a good day!

Great story can't wait to hear you and mag read it!
PS losty x mag is best ship

So was that the devil Maggie was sacrificing souls too, or what would be heaven and it's meant to be 'she's trying to make things up by leading bad souls to resumption. Know the former is more likely or maybe i got both wrong

*sees a notification on youtube*

Hmm...I wonder who wrote it...

*sees it on FimFiction*

Yep, I knew it.

I have to be frank. This one does not read like something for Month of Macabre. It reads more like something for Month of Lurve. It presents a rather uplifting story about having a sliver of hope for redemption mixed with a warm love story tinged with some melancholy. Not quite dark and horrific is what I've noticed.

Magpie's whimsical, light-hearted narration absolutely kills any sense of darkness. It might work if it was juxtaposed with horrible, nightmarish, and vile situations like the Joker or something, but Magpie is not the Joker. She comes off as a genuinely nice pony and this downplays her and Curse's predicament. There are hints that she has ocassional dark moods and she may not be as nice a pony as she seems to be, but these are overshadowed by her cutesy first meeting with Curse Word and their affection for one another. She may claim to not be an angel, but the guardian angel vibe she gives off by the ending brings even more of the light of hope in this sparsely shadowed story.

I've mentioned a bit on the sense of mystery necesssary to make the character of the Lost Narrator more frightening. The revelation of Magpie's fate (which isn't too bad besides the whole being dead and watching your beloved wander around killing others thing) dispels that sense of mystery when you should be adding layers to it. I fear that the shipping has hijacked this story quite a bit. The gorey aftermath by the ending scene does little to darken the fic, especially since the actual killing was offscreen.

um... wow. like i said in the comments of the reading... you really shocked me with how much grimmer and creepier this was compared to the previous story. Sheesh, i was literally getting chills hearing it.

anyway, well written and flowed well, great hidden details... but we still don't know whom the Magpie in this story was referring too. Who is She and what did she do to Magpie to warrant the reactions that Her presence in Ponyville did?

7626212 a fic doesn't need to feel totally dark and hopeless to count. one could say the same about Silent Ponyville 2 and even 1. they're dark as heck, yet end with a glimmer of hope in each.

i personally felt the whimsical narration makes it even creepier, considering what Magpie is doing just to get back to Curse. it's a different type of dark is all

Author Interviewer

Like I said in my review of the previous story, most people, when they write stories about OCs meant to represent themselves and their SO, will go the Mary Sue route and have them fall in love and get married and live perfect lives forever and ever, amen.

Then there's Lost "My OC is an immortal reality-bending monster, twisted and corrupted by her own guilt and bitterness, and my girlfriend's OC is a conniving psychopomp who's legitimately evil and the one who doomed them both to an eternity of torment apart" Narrator.

<.< So, threequel?

*Dramatically claps hands*
Good job Miss, you did good.:moustache:

Okay wow. I did not expect that twist. That was amazingly written.

PS love your grim dark readings. They always leave me with chills


I really just want to hug Curse tightly, even if she is a lost and troubled soul, she just wants Mag back. Let there be at least a bittersweet conclusion, as long as these two reunite somehow...

I cried to this, but not nearly as hard as I cried to the first one

Great job, and you really inspire me:heart:

Yeah... I think I'm a ass... I don't feel sorry for Magpie at all, I think she deserves that, beaing traped. I feel sorry for Curse Word tho. Ok everyone crusafy me for my thoughts.

So...Magpie was the one who truly set everthing into motion? All from the colt being killed:rainbowderp:?



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