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I'm a pegasister who just can't get enough pony magic in her life!

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Hi! I think it'd be pretty cool if you made a second part to 'An Apple Sleep Experiment.'
I really loved this story, and I was thinking perhaps, even if its just a single chapter, if you made additional edits? It could even just be a different book.
But I think it'd be pretty cool to have a reality where she escapes, and either gets revenge by somehow becoming insane oncemore (but uncurable as they probs wouldnt know what happened) and eventually uh kill all the ponies, or expose Twilight. Or she could escape, and run off: getting the ponies into a panic? But then she doesnt actually kill/she could kill and she comes back later to do something (expose twilight, make an appearance, etc.)/have this huge scene where she even just kills twilight or makes her admit to her 'crime' with the threat of death.
Yada yada.
Just some ideas! I understand if you don't want to do so, but I loved this story and I bet several others did two. Thanks! :D

Is it REALLY you??? THE Magpie Pony?!?!

Greetings Magpiepony, I am King Irick. I have recently started following you and I want to know if you have a Discord chat room.

hi mag! i just got in touch with your beloved to see if my narration skills are really all that good. i wanted to reach out to a pro and lost was the first to come to mind. just thought i'd let you know in case lost brings anything up about me.

thanks for your time,
rainbow sparkle

If you made a sequel to Princess Trixie Sparkle, would you redeem Astelle?

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I am writing/developing an audio mini-series called "Princess Trixie Sparkle?!" and am in need of some voice actors for:
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