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Weren't the Dazzlings amazing?


Wubcake Needs Help! · 12:54pm Dec 22nd, 2015

Hey guys, got some very bad news. If anyone doesn't know who Wubcake is, I'll give you a briefing.

Wubcake is a VA on YouTube who is famous for voicing the Dazzlings and other various characters in fan projects. She's always uploading random but cool vids. She's also on Deviant art.

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Um hello! Did you receive my message? Just asking:fluttershysad:


Hey there! I just sent the chapter via email. I hope you'll receive it this time! It's in Google drive!:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by sapphirebluez deleted May 16th, 2016


Oh, okay. I actually have sent a new chapter of my story Sunsets Gone to you. I was just wondering whether it got to you because of the current update!

Anyway, are you free to edit it?:rainbowderp:

2195281 No I have not. Why? Did you send me something important?:rainbowhuh:

Hello just checking, due to the new update, did you receive any email from me?

2141936 No problem

2142030 They are the true masters

Yes, the dazzlings are always amazing

Hey, there! Thanks for the add for "So Much Leg . . .". Glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiesmile:

2124775 NI problem and I hope I can check out those other recommendationS

Thanks for reading 'Remembering, Mother' and adding it to your library. I hope you enjoyed it! :ajsmug:

If you enjoy sad shorts, one of my earliest works 'To Be A Wonderbolt' may be to your interests. Similar premise, but involving a grown up Scootaloo.

If you like something more light-hearted, 'Nightmare In Rainbow' is my most popular fic to date, surrounding Rainbow Dash and a terrible nightmare!

If you want to read something a bit longer than ~1,000 words, and fancy a darker and more dramatic subject, 'Dash & the Gala Apple' may be to your liking (rated mature for its theme more than anything - it's not a clop fic).

Thanks for the love you've shown, and if you get the chance, I hope you enjoy some of my recommendations here. :heart:

2120660 Thank you for the awesome story

Thank you for adding Blind Mare's Bluff to your collection! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the multiple faves on "Waiting for Sunset". Glad you enjoyed it! :yay:

Thank you 4 the watch back

Thanks for the watch, mate. I appreciate it

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