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Because why shouldn't they be friends? If the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings were ever to reconcile, these two would surely bring them together.

If you think Sonata Dusk and Pinkie Pie can be best buddies, then this is a group for you! If your story features Pinkie Pie or Sonata Dusk or both, it's accepted!

You can put as many stories as you want, as long as everything's in the right folder!

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Shouldn't the group's name be Pinata? :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, but... they together are so cute and the most random thing and I love them? Holy shit, I ship it :heart:

Okay I might actually die from the cuteness here, but I'm willing to chance it.

Welcome to groups! They make it a lot easier to find a particular kind of story.

Aw yee. My very first group, ever, on this site. And I think I chose a good one to begin with.

Oh and thanks to Summer Dancer for the invite, I saw my feed before I saw the invite. In the end i'm still here.

406607 Thank you!

I promise that this group will flourish with my help.

Can I be an Admin for this group?

Please? I'll do a good job at it, since I'm the founder and Lead Admin of another group...

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