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Welcome to the Sonata Dusk Empire!
This is a group all about Sonata Dusk, her fans and her stories!
Everypony is welcome, but you must read the rules first.

Keep everything in this group Sonata related.
Have fun, for realsies!
No harassment or bullying please.

Taco Tuesdays: slice of life
Under Her Spell: romance
Raining Tacos: comedy/random
Sirens Fury: gore
Dim Dusk: sad/tragedy
Through The Mirror: adventure
Crossover, anthro, human, alternate universe can go in the other gems folder

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You have planted the seed of a new group and it took root. Congratulations!

I'm hereby informing you that I'm confiscating your group without your permission and placing it in the garden known as New Groups. Despite the relocation, you are still expected to take good care of your group. Any and all complaints should be addressed to the 'Talk To The Hand' department of the garden where they will be put into a drawer indefinitely.

Welcome to the Sonata Dusk Empire! Come join us and spread tacopone adoration. :heart:

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