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  • EMiss Hiss and the Dizzy Minion
    I'm Greg. I've been stuck in Equestria for months now, and apart from the occasional monster attacking life has been pretty... You thought I was going to say good, didn't you? It's terrible. I can't even look a pony in the eyes!
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  • TMade In Equestria
    Thief? Yeah, but it's not like I steal stuff from people. Old industrial sites, crash sites—all things that have been insured or abandoned. This place, though... This factory seems odd.
    Damaged · 5k words  ·  52  8 · 729 views

SourceBot · 5:14am June 21st

A few people have asked to have SourceBot on their own discord servers, and while I have extended this to a few servers already, I am now prepared to offer it on more (existing ones will continue to get free access for putting up with all my craziness).

So, if you'd like to get your own sauce, please head on over to the SourceBot patreon, and grab the $2/mo option. Money goes toward keeping the bot going and keeping me working on it.

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Licensing · 6:28am Jun 13th, 2018

Oof. Hardcore topic alert! Well, maybe not.

I have noticed a complete and utter lack of licensing on the site, so figured I'd just go ahead and give everyone a heads-up.

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