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Just a pon who likes writing. (And now eating too: Patreon)

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    I'm Moving!

    Yup! Finally found a place, signed a lease, and have my move-in day set. It will be on the 10th of December (9th for the US). I will be spending the weekend before preparing, then hopefully have things up and running (at least computer wise) on the 11th.

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Licensing · 6:28am June 13th

Oof. Hardcore topic alert! Well, maybe not.

I have noticed a complete and utter lack of licensing on the site, so figured I'd just go ahead and give everyone a heads-up.

All my work is released as is, under a Creative Commons, Attribution + Noncommercial + NoDerivatives (BY-NC-ND) license. If you want to use my work as a basis for your own, feel free to ask me.

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