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Thief? Yeah, but it's not like I steal stuff from people. Old industrial sites, crash sites—all things that have been insured or abandoned. This place, though... This factory seems odd.

A little note, this has something approaching personality death (up to interpretation). If that's not your thing, you may want to click elsewhere.

A factory-TF of a human female into a pegasus male. There's hypno/mind-control/whatever you want to call this. Someone gave me a prompt and I wrote it.

Whoops! Added a second chapter! That means there's also a human male to unicorn female for good measure.

First chapter is First person. Second chapter is third.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 19 )

A hypno story with no sex tag for once? COUNT ME IN!

"Master Lock? Practically holding the door open for me."

Here is a playlist of (almost all) terrible master locks being picked open. Yes, master locks are notorious for being super easy to pick and exploit.

9757188 Way ahead of you there. Also, for non-ball bearing based locking mechanisms, the two-hammers trick works quite well.

Me too, but unlike you I'm disappointed rather than excited...

9757212 Hey now, my last one had mind-control and sex in it. I just wanted something interesting and TF-y that wouldn't require too many days to write.

Pretty good TF story. Remind me of another story I read when an uninvited visitor got turn into a mecha-velociraptor by a hi-tech factory.

Turn off all the machinery before you leave. Take this door to get home.

This smells Discord.

Ooohhh interesting.. I definitely want to see where this goes.

Still no sex tag? For the love of Celestia it's such a breath of fresh air! A brainwashing TF with no sex tag?! It's like a dream come true!

"Clever. Smart. Unicorn."

Forgot to bold this part.

Nice remembered detail of where pony boobs are.


So she would have been loyalty if Twilight had brought her Canterlot friends to save the day?

So are Mineutte and Thunderlane going to feel the impulse to start dating?

Can we get the Earth pony transformation next? It feel a bit incomplete without it. :-)

Yes! I was right about them dating! Heh!

It ends already? I thought there will be another chapter since there are three different production lines inside this factory.

9758347 Fixed the bolding (I'd accidentally put two close tags).

9758431 It was the end of the month and I had a few quiet days to do something a little different. Besides, the couple got back together, what would a third pony add? :3

9758274 Too often it's a means to an end (mind-control), rather than the story itself. A lot of writers tend to use it as a shortcut to leave out "the boring bits" so they can get right to the sex.

Since the couple seemed to be a seasoned thieves, I expect an officer (a loner and male) who was tracking the duo down arrive at the factory. Got turn into a kirin or thestral mare, and then decide to join the Guard.

The third can be Rumble :D how the machine would transform an adult into a young colt hasn't been explored yet.

9759227 Rumble is a pegasus.

Awesome story, really enjoyed it.

But aren't the three conveyors for each tribe? I'm just wondering, since both characters were sent down the middle belt.

9759318 Gah! This one was meant to go right belt. Good catch.

However, Rumble is a blank flank colt ^^ so it's unexplored story territory! I chose Rumble because he's the only one who'd have reason to stay with Thunderlane. But if you have a better idea that's fine too :) I just think it'd be interesting to see what the machine does when the injection fails to yield a cutie mark.

9760110 Heh, the patron who asked me to do this had the same thought. I'll ask him what he thinks about one more chapter. Heck, maybe I could try doing second person, just to mark that off my scorecard.

Yeah but that's changelings; this is a completely different premise

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