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  • Sunday
    Welcome to B_25Fiction

    Author B_25 is currently in the feature box in slots 1, 2, 3, and 6 with stories of all ratings. Plus another one or two in Popular Stories.

    This has been happening consistently for weeks.

    Welcome to B_25Fiction: Denial is Magic. :rainbowdetermined2:

    20 comments · 157 views
  • 2 weeks
    I'm In

    I'm joining the Sparity contest. :moustache: :heart: :raritywink:

    However! Even though Sparity is best canon ship, the fic will focus on deep moral questions: typical TQ fare.

    13 comments · 117 views
  • 4 weeks

    I'm starting to change my opinion of my story Geldings. I have decent evidence now that most downhoofers aren't reading a word of the story.

    Downhoof Pony is OP.

    Read More

    38 comments · 296 views
  • 4 weeks

    I've just written one of the darkest things I've ever authored. :fluttershysad:

    The chapter of Geldings I just posted is on par with the noncon chapters in TSJ. Fair warning.

    3 comments · 102 views
  • 5 weeks
    MagnetBolt Needs Help

    I'm not sure what can be done because MagnetBolt is in dire straits at the moment and this is one of those times where a GoFundMe may not be enough to stop the bleeding. But y'all should be aware there is an author in a very bad spot right now.

    Read More

    2 comments · 84 views

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"This shit sucked." –Fic Demander
"NOPE. *flips table*" –LadySugarHooves
"This almost made me barf." –Techtheevilalicorn
"The author is the true villain!" –Follower Of GlowCloud
"Repulsive. You deserve a boycott." –Cryosite
"This story is the worst thing I have ever read." –hollowblade
"There are so many things I find morally repulsive." –Makuta
"I hate, loathe, and despise everything about this story." –Mini Minrie
"I don't have to read this story to see this is a stupid one." –Admiral Q Ponyform
"I don't think I'm getting across just how deplorable this is." –The Archive
"This is incredibly fucked up and incredibly romantic ALL at the same time." –AzureShade
"I feel the same way about this as the idea there should be laws against homosexuality." –bookplayer
"Pure, simple wankery, with all the subtlety and grace of hitting me in the face with a lead pipe." –ZOMG
"This is an author tract on incestuous issues Trick seems to have with her own parents." –blank check
"Trick Question, thank you for writing this. It's beautiful. Thank you." –(some crazy idiot)

For a link to stories I've deleted from Fimfiction, see my first blog entry.

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It's okay, I just had to say something. :derpytongue2:

Sorry, inside joke.

... I might’ve forgotten that one.

(I mean that in the general sense of 'comedy', not the particular.)

Comedies? Huh.

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