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  • Saturday
    Battle Plans

    Things are going well. I am less sick now, and you should expect to see new and exciting content from me soon!

    The first thing up will be a new short multi-chapter story on Monday, but there's more big news on the horizon.

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  • 1 week
    Full Steam Ahead

    I've been sick for two weeks, but I'm doing better now. And I have some big news.

    But first, smaller news.

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    15 comments · 184 views
  • 2 weeks
    FiM Continues: Fan Episode Survey Number 2!

    Those foalks who are working on producing some high-quality fan-made episodes of Friendship is Magic have another survey.

    You should totes check it out over here!

    7 comments · 106 views
  • 3 weeks

    I've been sick for a week and highly nonproductive.

    Okay, not that sick. But not well, and motivation's been super low. I have one fic almost finished (the infamous one) but I don't have the emotional energy to complete it at the moment.

    However, I do have something very interesting on the horizon...

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  • 4 weeks
    Attention Paradox

    I'm working on a story, and it is emotionally challenging. It's highly personal and might be a little too meta at present.

    The horror! The horror!

    The topic dredges up a paradox one faces when dealing with depression: how do you ask for help without alienating your friends?

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"This shit sucked." –Fic Demander
"NOPE. *flips table*" –LadySugarHooves
"This almost made me barf." –Techtheevilalicorn
"The author is the true villain!" –Follower Of GlowCloud
"Repulsive. You deserve a boycott." –Cryosite
"This story is the worst thing I have ever read." –hollowblade
"There are so many things I find morally repulsive." –Makuta
"I hate, loathe, and despise everything about this story." –Mini Minrie
"I don't have to read this story to see this is a stupid one." –Admiral Q Ponyform
"I don't think I'm getting across just how deplorable this is." –The Archive
"This is incredibly fucked up and incredibly romantic ALL at the same time." –AzureShade
"I feel the same way about this as the idea there should be laws against homosexuality." –bookplayer
"Pure, simple wankery, with all the subtlety and grace of hitting me in the face with a lead pipe." –ZOMG
"This is an author tract on incestuous issues Trick seems to have with her own parents." –blank check
"Trick Question, thank you for writing this. It's beautiful. Thank you." –(some crazy idiot)

For a link to stories I've deleted from Fimfiction, see my first blog entry.

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I haven't read it yet. It's in one of my read-it-someday bookshelves, of which I've read almost nothing sadly. Reading is difficult for me (much easier for me to write than read).

Thank you for adding The Gentle Caterpillar and the Nocturnal Bat to your favorites:twilightsmile:. What did you like about it:ajsmug:?

Thank you for adding my fic to your collection!

Thanks for the watch!:twilightsheepish:

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