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  • Sunday
    Nightmare Night Party: October 27, 2018! (Central Ohio)

    Hey everycreature, it's time again for our annual Nightmare Night party in Central Ohio!

    This time it's just two weeks away (on the 27th). The party this year will be 5pm through the next morning. We'll have plenty of party games and lots of candy, food, and libations.

    Costumes and fursuits are encouraged, but not required! Anyone is welcome to attend if they're friendly, so feel free to bring some friends.

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  • Friday
    Letting Go

    New story, but just a little minific from the last Writeoff.

    ELetting Go
    Pinkie Pie deals with the loss of a special friend.
    Trick Question · 1k words  ·  51  6 · 338 views

    I'm still swamped with work. I'll probably finally be unswamped next weekend.

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  • 1 week
    A Little Longer

    I'm currently booked solid by life.

    Not quite as scary as Flutterrape.

    The ketamine treatments and work are draining all my free time. This will change in a couple of weeks, so hold tight!

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  • 3 weeks
    Twilight's Secret Journal: Delays

    I realize that Twilight's Secret Journal has been delayed for quite a while now. I'm hoping that dry streak will end soon.

    Totally innocent.

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  • 4 weeks
    I'm Okay

    Sorry for the scare. I've been dealing with severe depression and something exacerbated it, and I overreacted a little. I went through another ketamine treatment today and I'm feeling a bit better.

    But something else perhaps equally important happened. I just saw the kirin episode.

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"This shit sucked." –Fic Demander
"NOPE. *flips table*" –LadySugarHooves
"This almost made me barf." –Techtheevilalicorn
"The author is the true villain!" –Follower Of GlowCloud
"Repulsive. You deserve a boycott." –Cryosite
"This story is the worst thing I have ever read." –hollowblade
"There are so many things I find morally repulsive." –Makuta
"I hate, loathe, and despise everything about this story." –Mini Minrie
"I don't think I'm getting across just how deplorable this is." –The Archive
"This is incredibly fucked up and incredibly romantic ALL at the same time." –AzureShade
"I feel the same way about this as the idea there should be laws against homosexuality." –bookplayer
"Pure, simple wankery, with all the subtlety and grace of hitting me in the face with a lead pipe." –ZOMG
"This is an author tract on incestuous issues Trick seems to have with her own parents." –blank check
"Trick Question, thank you for writing this. It's beautiful. Thank you." –(some crazy idiot)

For a link to stories I've deleted from Fimfiction, see my first blog entry.

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Thanks for the watch :)

What exactly am I feeling?

I heard your parties are legendary. I'm sorry I missed it. :twilightsmile:

It's fine, just glad you enjoyed my party. :twilightsmile:

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