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Note: Goodreads only hosts reviews of fanfictions, not the fanfictions themselves. eBooks are not available for sale or download on Goodreads.*

Goodreads is the world’s largest website for readers and book recommendations. For the most part it is focused on traditionally published literature, but their guidelines on what is and is not a "book" specifically indicates that completed fanfiction is also allowed.

This Fimfiction group is intended to track stories on this site that have had entries made for them on Goodreads. Or, if you think a story should have a Goodreads entry and it doesn't currently, you can post a request here (or add it to the "To Add" folder) to suggest it. Or one can add it oneself, as anyone can sign up as a Goodreads user.

* There is a "Get A Copy" heading in the listing but it leads to a generic search on Amazon and other established book sellers that only have books that are legitimately published through them. The "More Details..." link will reveal a block of additional information that should include a direct link to the story's Fimfiction page.

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I've gotten comments on my story saying that its a good read and well paced:twilightsmile:. This looks like the kind of group that I could join:scootangel:!

Almost two years ago, I noticed every story of my fanfiction series (at the time) was added here, and I really do appreciate this additional method of getting people to find and read them. However, I've since written a couple more stories in the series, but none of them were ever added like the earlier stories were, so I've decided to join this group and put the more recent stories in the "To Add" folder myself.

407353 I'll keep an eye on it and update the page count on Goodreads when it's done for real, in that case. :)

Yeah, that used to be complete, but the readers (and EqD) demanded more, so I decided to give them more.

407340 I fed the rest of your completed stories into the listing-o-tron, they're all up on Goodreads now.

I wasn't entirely sure what to do about the "The Following" duology, they're each the sequel of the other and Goodreads doesn't exactly support that. So I listed both of them as "book #2 of the series". I think that's the closest I can get to the same meaning with Goodreads' series organization.

Also, you tricked my record-keeping with The Adventures of Batsy Fluffentuft the Magnificent, it used to be marked "completed" so it got a listing but now it's marked as incomplete again. Planning to add more? :)

All the stories! :rainbowwild:
Heh, but you don't have to if you don't feel like it.

407198 Glad to be of service. :) I've become pretty adept at creating listings, are there any other stories you'd like me to add for you? Or maybe anything you'd like me to put on your author profile page over there?

Heh, thanks to you guys, I discovered that some of my stories are on there, and that a couple of them have reviews I haven't read yet!


If you guys want your listings removed, that's fine - the site's policies allow fanfic authors to have their stories unlisted. Let me know and I'll follow up with Goodreads for you. Kind of surprised by this reaction though, I've taken care to do a good job with the listings and everyone who's reacted until now has been pleased. What's wrong?

EDIT: I just came across the news that's going around the blogosphere saying Goodreads is illegally redistributing copies of these fanfics. That appears to not be the case, the tumblr post I saw was just rather poorly worded. It's actually a site called that's illegally redistributing fanfictions.

Goodreads isn't actually publishing these stories in any way. It's just an index and review site.

394911 Surely contacting one of us to ask if it was okay would have been more professional

394531 Because I believe that a lot of the stories here are just as much "proper literature" as stuff that gets published by traditional publishing houses and it deserves to be treated as such. Creating Goodreads listings is a way to give these stories exposure and put them on a level playing field with that other stuff. Or do you mean why use a group to track them? Helps keep things organized and lets others know these listings exist if they're not Goodreads members themselves or just didn't think to go looking.

Explain to me why you are doing this.

382256 No biggie, easy to sort out. :)

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