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A variety of interesting fanfics organized to help readers find what they want or to find something that will lead them there. This group is literally just an organization system so readers can find what they feel in the mood for. So expect a lot of random folders for genres, 'verses and what haves you. Feel free to comment if you feel I placed a story wrong.

Want to add a story but don't know where to put it? Toss it into the Submission Folder and I'll organize it from there. Eventually.

Members ! I am trying to put together a set of top picks. Check the forum to place down your suggestion.

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I see you have a 'world building' folder. May I have permission to add to the general 'world building' folder? In Twilight's Blog I explore magic and travel as an aspect of living in a non-euclidean environment, I explore the ecology in the vicinity of the Crystal Empire, explain hay types, ponder the role of the Tree of Harmony in shaping Equestria and in the months to come (spoiler alert), delve into Physical Equinology and Archaeology, all while not conflicting with Seasons 5 and 6 of MLP:FiM. I think FiMFiction lacks a 'world building' or a 'filling in the gaps' tag. I guess digging up folders dedicated to 'world building' is the next best thing.

(Perhaps I should spell that Equuinology. On further consideration, that ought to be Hippology.)


I will try to check this author out. Thanks for the rec!

You are forgetting one amazing but not well known author.
Unwhole Hole may not have the best writing skill in his earlier books but he has improved vastly in his most recent works, what sets him apart however is his skill in worldbuilding which far surpasses anything i have seen in or out of fimfiction. The universe of mlp already had great potential for hard sci-fi settings given that unicorn magic is a mix between the hard magic system of ATLA and the soft magic system of Harry Potter and the way he turns it into seemingly just another branch of science is just as incredible as his eon encompassing worldbuilding. I swear the majestic world he has created is like a mix of Lovecraftian horror, Lord Of The Rings and Malazan Book Of The Dead.
Here is a list of his works that take place in the same universe

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Guess it is time to say; 'hello'?

Oh well, I added a few stories.
Hope you will enjoy them.

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