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This group is for people who want feedback on their stories, and people who want to help give people feedback on their stories.

Authors: if you want feedback put your story in the corresponding folder and it will be looked at. once you have gotten some feedback remove the story from the group to ensure that you can get as much feedback as possible in the future.
Members: You will get a notification when people add stories. contact an admin to be given a story that needs feedback and comments.

Will add banner soon

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Anypony here? Its kinda dusty.

Is there a particular reason, for all the folders that are missing?
Or, is it just a matter of putting in the effort to place the folders on the group?

331524 I usually am. If I can get some critique and what-not in return. :raritywink:

Wow! This is just what im looking for...Anypony home?:unsuresweetie:

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