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The fifth story has begun · 10:00pm February 5th

I have now just published and submitted the start of my next story, LEGO Equestria Girls 5. Already, I'm very sure that this story will be shorter than the other main stories, both in word count and in number of chapters. Just as well, since I won't exactly have a lot of time to spend on writing, even though I still intend to stick to my usual schedule of posting a new chapter once every two weeks.

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Respect for the Bionicle Avatar... it's not too often I come by people on here with one. Though in all fairness, I suppose I'm being a bit hypocritical with that statement.

1544336 I think you might want to see this link and spread the word!

you think some elements from Lego Dimensions will appear? ;)

Fun fact: Kai and Flash Sentry share a voice actor. Maybe you should write a side story involving Flash trying to learn Spinjitzu. :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Okay. All I really needed was confirmation you heard my question. Didn't really need an answer.

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