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Another year, more of the same... · 9:00am January 12th

It seems my various distractions lately have even prevented me from making my annual blog post on the day I had intended to. This past year, while I did successfully complete one more chapter on my main story (and even managed to do it before the year was halfway over as I had really hoped for), that was unfortunately all I was able to deliver to show my efforts. Kind of strange to look back and realize that, had I somehow managed to keep up with my overly ambitious original goals, then by now

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For the record, I accidentally hit the "favorite" button for that guy's story, and unmarked it literally only one second later (too bad the notification system indicates only the former and not the later). I was intending for the "read it later" button, and as I'm sure you can tell from how few stories I've got on my Favorites list, I save that public list for only the stories that are my absolute favorites that I don't mind everyone knowing about. I've currently got almost 5000 stories on my private Read it Later list (for stories I'm interested in reading, and thus can't yet make a judgement on whether or not they're worthy of marking as a favorite), and with how time-consuming writing my stories has been, it's very likely it'll be many, many years before I even bother getting around to reading the vast majority of them.

Thank you for the favorite on Rarity's Secret Shame

Hey, it's great to hear that you're still putting your mind to work!

A lot of authors really do struggle with that concept of setting up the world that's "too big too fail" and it ultimately comes tumbling down to the unspoken hiatus of incomplete stories. And I know that; for my own past 5 years of writing fiction here, I've struggled with that my own self. Your approach to writing is so nonsense and practical, but your true talent lies in that ability to follow through with your plans; you're fueled by a strong passion and that sense of commitment. Like I said before, you have an incredibly admirable work ethic, and I don't doubt for a moment that you fostered it through your personal convictions.

I hope your plans for 2020 and the future work out. Stay safe out there!

That fact that it's taken me this long to finally reply here pretty much shows how time-consuming writing the latest of my stories turned out to be.

2829694 First of all, I'm enough of a realist to understand the toy companies are unlikely to ever seriously consider any fanworks for their products. Second, while I admit I have imagined how my stories could be adapted into a Lego video game, I'm very unlikely to explain in detail how such a thing could work out, mostly because just writing these stories in the first place is already time-consuming enough. (I will at least mention that I've imagined a Lego game adaption of my fanfiction series would most practically be divided into three separate games: the first game would cover the events of the first four main stories, the second game would cover the events of stories 5 through 9, and the third game would cover the events of the last three stories (the first of which I won't start writing until next year).)

I will also say that, a few years ago, I considered writing a fanfic that basically tries to reimagine the events of the game Lego Dimensions if MLP:FiM was included among all the other franchises. Specifically, I imagined Rainbow Dash joining Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle on their adventures across all the different Lego universes. I even wrote some script-style summaries of each chapter that I could email to anyone who might be interested in turning them into a complete story, and although I haven't touched them in years, I still have them saved on my computer. If you're really interested, I suppose I could email those summaries to you.

2838995 In all honesty, one of the biggest frustrations I've had with other fanfiction writers is how they sometimes claim to have this big and epic story all planned out and frequently promise they're writing the next chapter, but after completing only a few chapters they suddenly cease all further updates without ever explaining why. I absolutely do not want the readers of my stories to ever feel that way, so that's why I always set myself a time limit to encourage me to actually complete my writing. (With the most recent story in particular, there were moments when I was tempted to simply postpone my work so I could have time to do other things, but I stuck to my schedule and narrowly avoided any all-nighters to get it all done on time.) Of course, it probably helps that I don't really have many real-life obligations to take up much of my time, so I'm making good use of my immense free time to write so many epic stories while I still have the opportunity.

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