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Enough with Anon-A-Miss · 3:04pm Nov 18th, 2018

I think we have too many Anon-A-Miss fics now on the site. It's getting to the point that it's a genre all of its own and really I think it's non-canon, like most of the IDW MLP comics are. They are fun what-ifs stories that could've happened. Some good, some bad, some downright terrible. But I think it's been milked every which way and while some stories are good, there are some badly written ones that exist and really I just want it all to be over. It's a depressing scenario, especially since

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As I believe the speaker's speech makes clear, ADVENT perceives the discord as part of an effort by the Resistance to prevent harmony (or rather the ADVENT vision of harmony).

Remember, this is an organisation which ruthlessly slaughters men, women, and children, frequently for no reason.


Why would ADVENT care about an Anon-A-Miss account that spread the secret of high school students? It's just ridiculous. However, if you show the Rainbooms, let some of them suffer PTSD. Maybe a few of them have blood-stains and are traumatized after seeing their fellow students get killed so ruthlessly.

How is it weird, if I may ask?

Thanks for the fave on Anon-a-Miss: Retaliation. What did you think of it?

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