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Where Are The Stories, Man?


Move is finished. · 12:44am Jan 4th, 2016

Well this is it... all my stories have been transferred to archiveofourown.org , and I'm taking my stuff here down. And just as I got a bunch of new readers too, that's the killer.

But, after years of petty harassment, and the growing bias and poor treatment by the moderators, this site, for all its shiny bells and whistles, just isn't worth the hassle.

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Are you mad? This is fruitbat country!

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Maybe someone who rants about how trans and gay people are awful and should die, shouldn't be respected. Half decent writer or not..

Xuncu #712 · Apr 23rd, 2022 · · 11 ·

Mostly himself.

Here, someone else did more footwork: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/333291/if-chatoyance-and-realitycheck-were-ever-in-the-same-room-would-physicists-get-to-study-a-matteranti-matter-collision

He also used to have an Encyclopedia Dramatica page, some server changes ago. tl;dr, he's the son of a brimstone and fire preacher, Never question the Republican Party, hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance bar none, ect,ect: another generic cookie-cutter stereotype of a conservative.

For example: this is NOT him. But this doppelganger, on his obituary, has a confederate flag, the church name screams "Good Ol' Boys". How much you want to bet he was also a birther, young earth creationist, who hates 'libruls' and the gays, and votes on party lines without question?

Ralph/RC/Ben is almost a complete non-entity, easily mass-produced by religious and conservative propaganda, and just as easily replaced-- except for the one thing...

He is also Ben Bruin-- if you've seen a few furry artists making fun of a bearded blue midget bear with the standard SSI-issue cheap glasses frames (AKA: the "Pedo" glasses (not to say that Ralph has shown any sexuality beyond "(adult) women are meant for breeding christian soldiers," tbh)): that's also him.

He was an OG member of Burned Furs, ages ago, then was kicked out for being too conservative.
Mind you, Burned Furs were out to desexualise the furry fandom, so that was like being exiled from Israel for being too Zionist.

He's mostly faded from the internet's collective attention as he's gotten really old, so he doesn't do as much of anything anymore, let alone anything attention-worthy.

"Definition of insanity" and all that... except the one thing.

He at least was able to hide his identity as a Brony before-- well, not his past caught up with him, but he caught up with himself.

Sad, really, the failed potential of a decent writer, and an okay artist. Doesn't take an armchair psychoanalyst to see why, including the one thing.

See, he's pro net-neutrality; a liberal stance, despite the fact that it was a plan to enrichen the rich, and came out of the box with the reganomic dog whistle of "It's good for business." Every now and then, you could have seen daddy issues in his writing, aside of the undercurrent of obsession of women and motherhood (ie; breeding tools for Party and Country). He writes pop-culture fan-fiction online. Also as to why he's a furry and a brony and a cheesecake artist in later years (again, note the financially motivated hypocrisy) in the first place.

Because when his father failed him, telling him what to think, as opposed to how to think as any good parent would;
The internet was the one thing.... that his father had no concept of.

Therefore: the internet and furries/ponies were the few things he actually had to gather information and form an educated opinion on. And, surprise, surprise: he ended up with liberal conclusions.

Yes, quite right and than some.

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