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Where the Constitutionalist Bronies can talk about as being Constituationalist and being Bronies!

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Is this group alive?
I really agree with it, but it seems that nobody's been on for a long time.

365594 Interesting idea. It's been a while since I last read over the United States' Constitution, admittedly. Perhaps I'll read over that in advance.

As for the note about not talking down to each other, I can't really predict people's behavior. Nor do I know who's still active, here. The deactivation of thread notification has really taken a toll on various groups' activity, after all. I can probably arse Timber to keep an eye on the forums. He has a bit of a temper, but he means well.

I'll be on my best behaviour, though. I'm a perfect gentleman, you see. :scootangel:

To some extent, true. Perhaps we need to discuss the Constitution in several threads in detail, if I can trust people to not talk down to one another.

364524 Pardon me, but I speak fluent Microsoft.

364315 W0t3v3r claym this grup may ave 1nc ave 2 k0ns3rvativ exclusivity was l0st when grup chng naym. "Constitutionalist" d0s n0t, 0n its 0wn, exklud 1ib3ra1s; tho, amitt3dly, I dun kn0 wot teh nahtzeez r d0ng her.

K Bae b33z. Itz h0w I talks, s0 I s33k lyke th1s. :3

Possibly because I inadvertently offended some of them, and because different opinions upset a few of them. But they get to stay if they behave themselves. America is a country of free speech, which is part of what makes it so great, so they can say their own thoughts so long as they're within FIMFiction's rules. Very few have been banned, and very few may face a ban in the future. As for me, I've been more calm and detailed about my posts, setting a higher standard for my own behavior, hoping that through example, the rest will follow.

No offense, but you may need tone down that speech pattern a bit for most of the threads on this particular group. People may consider it trolling. I'm sure that's not the intent, but few may take it seriously. There are some more laid-back threads in which that would be considered acceptable as it is, but for the majority of the threads, you might want to alter it a bit.

Anyway, enjoy your stay, and have a good time! :twilightsmile:

L0L0L0L0L0L Y is th3re s0 man33 nots33z and librari3s in teh gruup m3mberz?


I feel like this is great to post as part of our description for this group. The ol' Stars and Stripes gets me going pretty good. Usually brings a tear to my eyes.

338667 Nah that's my bad. I was kind of starting it there.

Okay, sorry about that trouble there.

338657 You won't be reported, I promise. The language won't be kept down though. I swear like a sailor, but I won't make a complete sentence of it.

Watch your language there; I can fully understand your frustration, but you can't fight evil with hatred, and I really do not want this group to be reported please.

338630 Yep we can only have ten rounds and semi-outics

338624 I'm getting the feeling Obama is agents the US because ever since he became president more Americans have lost their jobs, he is trying to take away our right to bear arms, Obama care really doesn't help you at all, and Oh i know, how about the fact he wants to help Syria and Alkida, and giveing them american wepons, when we are suppose to be helping the Jewish Nation

338625 Damn. From your username I thought that you might be this one guy that I ran into in Colorado at the Running of the Leaves con. He airsofted too so I thought, just MAYBE I might get lucky. Oh well. I feel for you though, living in the Socialist state of Californistan really, REALLY must suck. Can't own a gun without the feds crawling up your asshole.

338624 Nope i live in the most boring state ever politic wise. Yeah California :facehoof:

338609 I'm not sure if he's an idiot or if he truly is against the U.S. I know the people who voted for him are fucktards all the way. On a side note, you wouldn't happen to live in Colorado would you?

338583 Dude Obama is such an idiot

338289 Hell yeah. It's also a good day when you become a card carrying member of the President's enemy list. Just got mine from Breaking

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