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My Triumphant (?) Return · 5:55am Feb 7th, 2014

Greetings, bronies and ponies! I know I dropped off the face of the internet for a while, due to a combination of personal issues and a creative slump. Long story short, I am back, which I'm sure comes as a great relief to all two of you who even remember me. In any case, I intend to finish my incomplete fics and write some more that have been nibbling at my cerebellum for far too long now.

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King Sombra is a good villain

My friend, duke level 2 of Knights of Gak, I'm afraid I must leave the organization. I leave it in your hands. Mayhaps you can make better use of it than I.

Your story "A Great and Powerful Heart" helped me create the Trixie of the Lunaverse more than any other fic or interpretation of the character. Specifically, the soft spot she had for Jasper ended up translating into a soft spot she had for foals in general; that, plus the idea that she's a wandering magician because she honestly enjoys the life - she isn't running from some dark past or anything (Lunaverse Trixie is not herself a magician, but it still helped create her character)

So, basically, I just wanted to drop in, and say thanks.

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