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    Move is finished.

    Well this is it... all my stories have been transferred to archiveofourown.org , and I'm taking my stuff here down. And just as I got a bunch of new readers too, that's the killer.

    But, after years of petty harassment, and the growing bias and poor treatment by the moderators, this site, for all its shiny bells and whistles, just isn't worth the hassle.

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Move is finished. · 12:44am Jan 4th, 2016

Well this is it... all my stories have been transferred to archiveofourown.org , and I'm taking my stuff here down. And just as I got a bunch of new readers too, that's the killer.

But, after years of petty harassment, and the growing bias and poor treatment by the moderators, this site, for all its shiny bells and whistles, just isn't worth the hassle.

My stories are still ongoing--- but now they are all found at http://archiveofourown.org/users/RHJunior/works.

I'm leaving this last blog entry up so people can find out what happened.

Thank you to all my readers and fans, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Comments ( 309 )
Hoops #1 · Jan 4th, 2016 · · 2 ·

Aww. Bye :(

So, how can I mark the stories there so I'll get updates when new chapters go up?

Well as much of a bummer as this is considering I just started following you, I'm at least happy to know that I still get to enjoy your writing.

For the future!

3662399 you subscribe to the story.

Please don't go, I Love your stories and I hope you would finish "The Great Alicorn Hunt" what about Fanfiction dot Net, couldn't you set the stories up there by chance?

EchoWing #6 · Jan 4th, 2016 · · 2 ·

Well, I'd best say this while I still can.

I joined this site because of your works. I've enjoyed them ever since I first discovered them, and I've never denied that you were an influence upon my works. I can't rightly say that I agree with your personal beliefs or your opinions on the show or how things have progressed in it, but I will never once say that I didn't enjoy what I read of your works. You prompted me to consider things, think things through, and in the process, I've hopefully become a better writer myself. I still consider it a mark of honor that you read one of my stories and commented upon it, regardless of whether or not you liked the story. That you've chosen to leave is understandable, given how things have gone on this site for you (especially of late), but that doesn't make me any less sad to see you go.

So thank you, and I look forward to seeing your works on fanfiction.net and archiveofourown.org. Godspeed, good sir.

Well, here's hoping that's accessed by getting an account, like on fanfiction.net.

Sorry to hear you've had such a bad time here, we'll miss you!

I liked your stuff, but I'll be honest, that it's unlikely I will follow you somewhere else - too much to read here for my capabilities anyway and it's just inconvenience to monitor multiple fanfics repository.

I don't know what sort of harassment (real or perceived) you encountered so I will not judge your decision, but I hope you will at least keep your stories that are already here and maybe make a blog post when you update something there?

EDIT: I see you removed you stories already. And to be honest, new site is pretty useless on mobile devices. Can't you keep old one at least? I was working through some of them and does removing them servers some purpose?

3662405 Like I said, I'm continuing all my stories... ArchiveOfOurOwn.org is going to be my main site.

Sorry to see you go, hope your choices bring you what you desire.


I hope so to, no telling on if I'll remember to check that new site for updates. I did sign up for an invitation, might get it next week.

3662419 3662405
Any chance you could drop a one-line blog post here when the stories update over there? I'm in the waiting list for an account...

You should really just leave them up here, leave an author's note at the end of the last chapter, or even every chapter, pointing to the story's new home.

Please please please keep you completed stories one this site. Yours are my favorite nyx stories. New readers of past sins will not longer be able to find your sequels easily.

3662436 yes, please

That seems a little extreme.

And I think at least leaving the ones marked Finished up would have been prudent, just for posterity.

I saw you update on there, have you added any new chapters? Or was that just the transfer?

The stories here have already been deleted. This site runs off ad revenue. I'm not leaving my content up where they can continue milking it for clicks, no matter how much or how little they made.

Welp, time to make another account somewhere ... I won't get the activation email till Thursday!? ooh boy. ...

And thus, FiMFiction loses its best author and best stories.

Honestly, I agree with your decision. With the persecution now spreading to the mods, it's best to move to where they have no power. I'll be following you over at AO3.

Sorry to say it, but it seems really petty. You have full right to do it, but nevertheless you make it seem, like you were severely hurt by them. They don't make profit from it and it's just big inconvenience for the readers.

I will repeat: I belive that you owe them nothing, but you have a chance to be a bigger man.

I will continue the translation into Spanish of TRODV here, RH.

Sorry to hear that you're leaving here. I've liked your stories and enjoyed your writing.

Of course, I've also subscribed to all of them on AO3.com, so I won't miss a thing.

I consider deleting all your content before leaving a site to be a complete disrespect with your fans. Of course, you're free to do whatever you want with your stories, but I'm free to forget you exist. Considering the site you're going to needs invitations to register and such.

Pity, I started following your website after discovering you here. By the way, that idea you had a few months ago about an alternate world where 1000 years ago Celestia gave another group of ponies the Elements, is that still available?

Well this seems a tad bit extreme your choice but still a bit extreme, I will miss your blog posts as they did make me think and consider things in ways I hadn't before even if I didn't always agree with your views, I will admit that there where times you seemed a tad bit over sensitive to me, but I will be sad to see you go.

best of luck in the future

Dammit! Now I want to go mope in a corner.

Well...this is depressing...
I'm glad you're still writing, but that you had such poor experiences that you feel it prudent to pack up your soap box and leave...

And I was just rereading Nightmare Night and Nyx too... loaded up my laptop that had it open to the chapter I was on, finished it then hit next chapter and I get the "Story does not exist." page... I really should start downloading some of my favorites that I'll likely reread...

This is unfortunate. I guess I'll set up an account over there to keep track of updates, but it's kind of a hassle, especially with them still in beta... Being able to download them in epub format is kind of nice though.

Dude, we're going to miss you. Archiveofyourown is a mangled mess to try to find anything on.

I couldn't decided which video clip best summarizes my emotional reaction to this announcement, so I went for "All of the Above"

While your habit of soapboxing in the comments can be... divisive to put it politely, I've always respected and admired how you were one of the best storytellers on this site who was able to smoothly weave your views into the story with genre-savvy attention to detail and humorous footnotes. You will be missed.

Farewell dude.

While I can understand the mentality behind pulling up stakes and moving on, the reality is that this does nothing but hurt your own interests. I was kind of hoping to see you publish "Yes, It matters" with an additional 2 or 3 chapters of "unique" content just to beat the mods at their own game.
As it stands they will likely just toss a message up similar to Joehundredaire's at Twisting the Hellmouth last year. Same bullshit bias happened to him and his circle.
They edited his account to read: "He jumped, he was not pushed."

I wish you well, and hope you reconsider your choice.

If that site has a blog and comment feature as well, you're only going to get fed up there eventually and picked on by a large portion of the community that watches you too if you know what I mean. You changed publishers but the author still remains the same.

MrJL #36 · Jan 4th, 2016 · · 3 ·

to be blunt, I don't see you being happier. Based on the stories I've seen and the comments in them I think most readers there stances are kind of opposite yours

3662419 Not to be an ass, but I have enough trouble keeping up with EqD and FimFic alone... Added to the other forums I frequent on electrical engineering, custom mechanical keyboards, and flying little green men into space on rockets (add moar boosters)... I don't bother with other fic sites. I haven't visited fanfiction.net in... Shiiiiit... I couldn't TELL you the last time I went there. You think I'm gonna add ANOTHER site to my list of sites I   visit  !? When it comes to my viewership, jumping the FimFic boat comes with no life preservers.

My recommendation: Grow a pair, the pair I thought you already had. I guess I could have been wrong? I appreciated the blunt commentary. I often agreed, occasionally didn't, but this doesn't exactly feel like the bold and outspoken RealityCheck I knew.

As I said... Between work, hobbies, and ponies... I really don't have the interest in dealing with moar websites. Just no. :facehoof:
Grow a fucking pair, stop running away from a bunch of looser fucking haters. Utter bullshit, dude.

3662727 Well I have some good new on the Yes It Matters front. Dr. Wolf will be doing a reading of it soon. RC will be providing the artwork.

3662833 ...You do realize that these haters are the mods, and that they've blocked the last two stories RC wrote and changed the site rules after the fact to justify their actions, right?

Good news, "Yes, It matters" is marked as incomplete at AO3. We may yet see more of it.

3662836 Okay... So he notifies his viewers that any new stuff is going to the new site, any time it fails moderation here. "Hey guys, surprise, surprise. My new thing didn't go up, you know where to go for it". Still retains the FimFiction notifications, comments, blog system, etc. Doesn't hurt anyone.

The "I'mma delete everything cuz people are mean" schtick just doesn't sit well with me. It is LITERALLY a tantrum. He could move his new stuff out, keep updating his old stuff here till he finishes everything, but no... he wants to throw a tantrum, kick down the WHOLE sand castle he built, cause some bully said a part of it "looked stoopid". If he wants to link to this new place from here, fine, but there was NO justification to throw a tantrum and delete everything.

I'm calling RealityCheck out on this one... RealityCheck... He threw a tantrum. Wah.

I still stand by what I say. I have no desire to be following yet another site. Today marks a victory for haters.

As for it being "the mods"... What site DOESN'T have a few mods who aim for the "ass of the year" award? EVERY forum has at least a few. I saw similar crap happen to LITERALLY possibly the POLAR OPPOSITE of RC last week. It's NOT just him. I didn't see the other person pull up stakes and run. Deal with it and move on. This other site probably would function as a reasonable backup or reserve site, for when the bullshit buckets are upturned. Just don't expect me to embrace the tantrum attitude of "raze everything cuz reasons".

Naw dude, that's a downright moronic conspiracy theory. :trixieshiftleft:

Conspiracy theories! By the gods this is the year of the conspiracies. From thinking we have a set of rules for dealing with specific users (as if we cared about them enough to spend our precious time thinking about them) to knighty secretly working behind the scenes so that only the people he "likes" get featured... I'm fairly sure he has no clue who's on the FB at this time or who they are, where they came from or even how they registered.

Seriously though, if there's something that was not only downright moronic, but it spread like a flame made of fecal matter this year was the pity-party-turned-conspiracy-theory for certain users having to follow the rules everyone else gets to follow. The main difference is having a bunch of followers to complain to... and not.

BTW I'm not calling anyone out on being upset—I mean, being upset is understandable, especially if you're on the receiving end of something you consider unfair or didn't expect. Hell, it happens all the time. It's the escalating reaction that was moronic. Like, hurtfully so in many levels. Especially since so many involved are usually sane, amiable individuals. I guess that's what herd mentality does for you!

Would it matter if this random, innocent story was forcefully snowballed into a desperate need for attention and bandwagoning?

3662860 Considering the commentary I saw from the mods on the story in question, I'm not as positive...

Well... my fucking year is off to a roaring start.:fluttercry:

At this point it would be best to include links to all your stories onto your main profile page.

Hmm. Looks like you haven't taken use of the "Series" feature on the site.

Also, I may occasionally peek at the site to see if there's been an update.

djthomp #47 · Jan 4th, 2016 · · 2 ·

Well that's a shame, AO3 is basically unusable after years of being used to the glories of Fimfiction.

...Im down to one person on this site that still posts things that I follow.

Don't do this! You're one of the best writers on this website. You can't just leave because of some opposition! Love and tolerate!:applecry::fluttercry:

Love the stories I'll have to check that site from time to time for uptates. Too bad it looks like trash. Kinda makes me long for the days of reading fics on Google docs. Anyway I'm sad to see you leave but it was probably inevitable.

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