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Finally done lurking, now to put my two bits in. So long as I get a return on my investment.

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The Midnight Filly: Author's Notes · 4:26am January 8th

So, years ago there was an author on this site who went by the name RealityCheck. He's since left this site for another site due to disagreements with the mods here, but he was also a frequent blogger. One time, he used this blog to introduce a story idea that he didn't have time to write himself for whoever wanted to use it: an alternate universe where Celestia gave the Elements of Harmony to new ponies after Nightmare

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Yeah, I've been watching it lately.

2437031 I take it you've had a chance to see or play Breath of the Wild?

Thanks for the follow!

Hey Dinode,
Just as a heads up, RealityCheck has decided to block me, so I will be unable to continue our discussion in it's current form.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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