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Finally done lurking, now to put my two bits in. So long as I get a return on my investment.

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Extract of "A Beginner's Guide to the Melodic Method" by Ley Lines · 4:27am October 2nd

I created this fictional textbook extract after getting a writing challenge from Pureheart 352, and I rather like the result. While it doesn't really count as a story, I figured it would make a good first blog post.

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Yeah, I've been watching it lately.

Dinode #8 · May 3rd · · ·

2437031 I take it you've had a chance to see or play Breath of the Wild?

Thanks for the follow!

Hey Dinode,
Just as a heads up, RealityCheck has decided to block me, so I will be unable to continue our discussion in it's current form.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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