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I'm a go playing brony who reads and writes fan fiction works. That's about all you need to know.

Notes on Story Projects

Seeing the Light - Yes, I am still working on it. Life things have been getting in the way of the next update. If I'm being realistic, the story will probably get completed early 2024 - but hopefully I can get a chapter or two out by the end of the year.
The Phone Competition - I poke at this from time for time still, but I have no solid release schedule for it.
Friendship for a Fee - A multi-chapter project I mentioned in my first blog post. Maybe I'll release something from it?
Cleansed of Darkness Sequel - 70% sure it will happen. I've got about 20% written including most of a side-story.

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Thank you so much for your interest in my story, Ladybugs Awake!

Thanks. I'm hoping to find some stories to make me believe that the sun actually is going to come out tomorrow, good is truly stronger than evil, and the world is genuinely a place to be cherished.

  • Viewing 36 - 40 of 40
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