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I'm a go playing brony who reads and writes fan fiction works. That's about all you need to know.

Notes on Story Projects

The Phone Competition - An ongoing story project. Currently in progress.
Friendship for a Fee - A multi-chapter project I mentioned in my first blog post. Currently being reworked.
Cleansed of Darkness Sequel - Exploring some options. 80% sure it will happen.

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You are very welcome. Your story was quite a refreshing read and I also enjoyed Time is Short, but obviously for very different reasons. Thank you for writing such unique stories!

Wanted to say thanks for your awesome comment (for Don't Want Perfection). I didn't know how to reply to it, but I seriously loved reading it and agree entirely! It could have easily been super-sweet and bland, and while I love all the Rarijack fics I wanted to do something different (and in a way that felt more genuine, personally).
Seriously, thanks for the comment- I keep rereading it and it still brings a smile to my face :twilightsmile:

2448553 well take your time. I understand what you mean. I still need chapter three of one of my stories but I just haven't felt like it.

2448376 I mentioned in a comment on the story that I've been having trouble. I ended up scrapping the entirety of Chapter 3 months ago, as it just didn't fit with the story. I suppose I can give another update, explain what happened a few weeks ago, and give a more specific description of how I hope to make progress today.

When I spent a day a few weeks ago trying to write more in the story, I ended up accomplishing next to nothing in that story. I tried writing in chronological order, writing by skipping between Rainbow Dash and Sunset's perspectives as I felt inspired, straight up writing an outline, and referenced my "The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Beating Writer's Block" to no avail. After several hours, I gave up on the story and decided to redirect my efforts into finishing a new story, Lack of Progress, that I ended up publishing instead. I felt that the problem was I didn't feel like writing a Comedy. I tried to force myself into writing it, and got nowhere. So I wrote a Sad story instead, because that's what I felt like writing, and that worked. Issac Asimov once said, "When I feel difficulty coming on, I switch to another book I'm writing. When I get back to the problem, my unconscious has solved it." I hoped that would work for me - it has not.

Today, I again have a day off of work, and I will be trying again to finish the next chapter of The Phone Competition. I've had breakfast, made a pot of coffee, and I'm ready to work on this. I've decided that, for today, I will first be writing a very rough draft of the chapter, then I will be reading a few Comedy stories here on FiMFiction, including re-reading both The Smartphone and the first two chapters, to put myself into a good mindset for creating jokes from the material. I expect to be done with the rough draft and reading by around 6pm UTC (2pm EDT). I will then spend the next few hours hammering through the details, creating jokes, and editing. My goal is to be done with the chapter by tomorrow evening, using time tomorrow to finish edits and otherwise finalize the chapter.

The idea of the very rough draft is based on a Terry Pratchet quote: "The first draft is just you telling yourself the story." So all I'll be writing is what happens. No attempts at deeper explanation or jokes, just the raw facts, newspaper article style. I doubt it would be that entertaining to read. I have a few other sections of the chapter written out, but the gaps will be filled with this draft material. However, if you would like to see what I have, and possibly give comments or critiques on it, I'd be willing to give you the password to view the chapter in a private message.

I do feel badly about how long this story has taken, as the story was supposed to come out quickly and be me trying to get back into writing here. Instead, it has been a hard task due to my failure at planning a good middle section to the story. The competition itself isn't the problem - it's getting there that is ruining my efforts at writing the story. I should have planned the middle better, as it is also important for the integrity of the story. Especially for a comedy, where the jokes and pacing are so important.

So are you gonna finish the phone competition?

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