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Rarity and Twilight have been dating for a couple of weeks. Being with Twilight is exactly what Rarity has hoped for, but she just had a nightmare about their relationship.

Written as a last-minute entry for the RariTwi Bomb because I had the idea, wanted to write something quick, and someone else posted a story today, so why not?

And yes, the nightmare at the beginning is a blatant reference to Monochromatic's The Enchanted Library. If you haven't read that story before, I highly recommend it. It's more than worth the time.

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Just goes to show that communication really is key.

Nice fic, Interesting translation of TEL concepts to a more traditional setting.

I enjoyed this.

In a startling flash, Twilight appeared right in front of Rarity.

Does this mean that Twilight has learned Luna's long-distance teleportation spell from the S8 finale?

Almost shouting, Twilight said, "Somecreature needed help at the school and I lost track of time!" Twilight glanced from the blanket to the sun then back to Rarity. "How late am I?"

So will Twilight replace Luna as the princess of dreams now?

Thanks! It was just about the only thing that occurred to me, probably because I've had very limited exposure to RariTwi. I believe TEL is the only RariTwi story I'd ever read before this week. :twilightblush:

I honestly hadn't thought about the distance of Twilight's teleportation. I suppose that works fine as a head canon.

As for taking over in dreams, Twilight isn't arriving to help Rarity in her sleep. The second section of the story is happening in real life. The nightmare ended when Rarity took off her sleeping mask before the section break.

This was a cute story, and a nice way to incorporate a TEL reference. I hadn't thought of how the base premise would work as a metaphor like this, and it makes sense that Twilight would get more self conscious about contact after dating. Though if the base premise is a nightmare, I wonder what this Twilight would make of the actual nightmares in TEL.

A nice fic to read. Love the dream interpretation.

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