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Hey what's up everyone? I'm a video gaming brony geek who loves adventure and romance. My favorite thing to do is write stories for others across the world to read.

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Discord: Dark#8793
Fanfiction.net: Darkmaster0224

Lilac Steele

I finally have a visual image of the little sister of Dark Steele, Lilac Steele. For those of you who have had a hard time visualizing the young girl, here she is.

Artwork belongs to Pyrus-Leonidas. Big huge thank you to him. Go check his artwork out, its amazing.

My favorite Characters

My favorite overall character: Sunset Shimmer

My favorite of the Mane Six: Rainbow Dash

My favorite Villains: The Dazzlings

My favorite Shadow Bolt: Sour Sweet

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Story Updating Details · 2:10am September 10th

Hey whats up everyone? Darkmaster0224 here with a little blog for you all. As you all may have noticed, I haven't been really active. Falling behind on updating stories, keeping you all waiting (probably irritated at me by now). But I have a little news. I had recently started a Creative Writing course. One of my assignments was to write a short story, so I figured I could use my ocs that I have used in my stories in FIM. BUT, it turns out that is against the rules. So in hindsight of this

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Hey what's up everyone? Darkmaster0224 here.

Decided to update my page so it's not filled with useless information that none of you all care about

Need some questions about me or my stories? Go ahead and ask away.
I'm happy to help anyone who needs help, although not always available.
As long as you are nice to my friends, I'll be nice to you as well.

My Characters:
Feel free to use these if you want, just ask first though.

Characters used in Sour Sweet on the Inside
The Steele Family
Dark Steele (Older brother)
Lilac Steele (Younger Sister)
Midnight Steele (Single Mother)

News Updates

Sour Sweet on the Inside Cover photo recreated! Credit goes to the amazing artist, UnscrewedUnicorn

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2532778 as of right now, I've been trying to work on Sour Sweet on the Inside, but I've been busy outside of writing.

Any updates for any stories coming out soon?


.................Sooooooo, should I be worried?


Is that why she told me I should be worried about what SHE can do to me and not Dark?

2525483 they both have their ups and downs over each other. no one is better than everyone, or anyone.


If she was as strong as Dark, then I would have a reason to be somewhat frightened.


Really? :rainbowderp:........wow, that's.....quite the OC you've got here.

2525163 I'm always here. No matter who's talking.

She aint lying. She's always over my shoulder.


Oh? And like I said, I wasn't hitting on you. Besides, how long were you listening in on our conversation?

2524890 Lilac: you'd be surprised at what i can do myself. And i'd be more worried about what I would do to you,
not my brother.


1.) I'm just saying, you don't LOOK like you could beat that Artemis chick at stuffing your face.

2.) Ah I was just pointing something out, and no I am NOT stupid enough to hit on you. Believe me, I can already sense your brother breathing heavily down my neck and barring his teeth at me; I don't even have to turn around to see it.

2524483 Lilac: Ok, one, What does being thin have to do with anything? I have a high metabolism. Two, I hope thats not you hitting on me.


For one thing, she's thin.

Second, she's kinda hot.


*sees the Lilac Steele design*

Wow! Very nice. Though she doesn't look like a bottomless pit as Dark calls her.

Thanks for the watch

2401143 No idea lol, Cosmic knows though. :duck::duck:

2401098 Yeah... I wonder why. :duck::duck:

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