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Hey what's up everyone? I'm a video gaming brony geek who loves adventure and romance. My favorite thing to do is write stories for others across the world to read.



This story is a sequel to Mobians and Equestria Girls: Fates Between Worlds

The Equestria Girls accidentally found the portal into Mobius. Now they will have to help the Mobian Heroes save their dimension from an evil from another world. (Sound familiar) Will they succeed? Find out in this brand new awesome sequel, Mobians and Equestria Girls 2: Return of the Equestria Girls.

Note: Not many people thought this was as good of a story compared to M&EG 1 on FANFiction.net. So I don't expect many people to like it on FIM.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 34 )

One thing i think should have happened was twilight being a two tailed fox like tails

6429563 A lot of people said that, but I couldn't imagine it in my head. I kept seeing Twilight as a hedgehog. :twilightblush:

Noticed a spelling error: The title says "Mobains" instead of "Mobians."

6433723 Whoops. Thanks didn't see that ehehehe :twilightsheepish:

Not a bad start.

I agree with Shadow12 on that mark.

6450309 Although you two are right, I couldn't imagine Twilight as a Two Tailed Fox, nevertheless a fox. :applejackunsure: When writing my sories, I imagine them in my head before writing it down.

i dont mind the spelling errors cause i rember when i was typing something it had a bunch of spelling errors so i under stand your spelling errors 6450397

6672940 ??? What spelling errors? :rainbowderp:

6674456 if you look through the story there are some minor spelling errors that i only noticed a little bit after read the paragraph they are in

i really like this series it surrpased my cup of tea and made me go to a bottle of tea, 8 dont even know what that means but bassicly im saying this seiries is damn awesome and hope you can continue your journy of mobias and equestria 6681466 :twilightsmile:

6685797 Glad you like it so far, this series is my best work ever. :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

I wonder......CHAOS TIREK?!?!?!?

After looking at part 1 and 2, this is a well written story. The way you make and develop the casts interactions is a nice touch as well. Normally I'm not a fan of OCS, but they way you incorporate yours into the story is well done. I see you've put a lot of effort into this.

7216795 Thank you very much. There is actually a forth part to the series, but it isn't on FimFiction. Only on Fanfiction.net and Wattpad

you kidding, your OC is amazing! Smart and Resilient!!!

Too late, Rainbow touched the mirror and her arm was suddenly being pulled into it, "Whoa! AHH! Help me!" She yelled reaching out her other hand to the girls.

They each grabbed Rainbow and tried to pull her out, but only to be sucked in too.

Pinkie however, jumped in happily after her friends, "Weeehehehehe."

Heh I get that Reference from that Power Ponies Episode

7432177 Which one are you talking about? I'm the creator of two of the hero OCS. Siblings Dark Steele and Lilac Steele

Tirek get there freakin fast...

:moustache:me still gusta

They are screwed if the bad guys get all fourteen emeralds

Lovin it, I follow you once done reading.

I honestly thought Nazo was gonna beat the crap out of everyone, and Shadic was gonna have to obliterate him again, but it wasn’t meant to be.

:moustache:me gusta

Why did I get the feeling of Darks new abilitie in the previous chapter was similar to master cores:rainbowhuh:

Dradic huh...
Don’t you think that name is a bit overDRAmDIC.
My friends::twilightangry2:

I’m the creator of some characters in my own story The Newcomers: Blade Of Justice, anyway I loved your story, and I’m looking farword to reading the next story.

9106049 fourteen? Last I checked, there are only Seven Chaos Emeralds, and the Master Emerald. The fake Chaos Emeralds from Sonic X don't count cuz they're faked.

Well I feel stupid:facehoof:

Lord Tirek stood in his cage, growling, "How did those six ponies defeat me? I had the power of the alicorns. I took all their magic. It shouldn't have been possible."

Well they did go the MLP equivalent of Super Sayian... so there is that.

Also, you SEVERELY underestimated the power of friendship.

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