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Happy 2019 Plans · 7:10am January 1st

Happy New Year 2019 every pony. I know I haven't been writing for awhile and it's time I kicked off the habit and try to get new stuff for you guys. My plans are set on New World New Life, Dusk Side of Nightmare, A World Of Nudist Mares, and some new projects that I had planned for awhile. I hope this year will help me get out of this writers block rut and starting the New Year with a spring in my step.

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Hey sonicblitz quick question have you tried to message me or something i went to my user block and it says you have been blocked for 8 weeks i was confused at it i must pressed the block on you by accident sorry if you tried to talk to me or something again sorry

Can you please make a story with applejack getting it by a changeling as a breeding mare and both of them are anthro

Thanks for the watch bro!! How are you doing? I haven't heard from you in a while.

DarkAngel864 said you were trying to contact me?

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