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Near Scare · 10:31pm March 8th

My brother had a panic attack last week. It was in the middle of class as we share the same courses together. He first told to teacher that he had to step out. I didn't think much of it as I thought it was a bathroom break. But somebody went outside fifteen minutes later and told me that he was having trouble breathing. I go over to him, and he said that he felt like his heart was being squeezed and he was hyperventilating as well. I had to call our mom to come pick us up and my brother had to

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An Interesting What If · 4:22pm February 15th

I don't konw why, but I had a crazy what If in my head when I had a dream last night after watching an old DC film called Crisis on Two Earths. Basically, it would involve the Mane Six if they were hot supervillains, but I have no idea what names they would have or what powers that they would take if they were. If anyone has any ideas let me know in the comments.
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New Laptop, New Beginnings · 7:12am Dec 24th, 2022

Folks just bought a new laptop for me, and the title says it all. I'm so glad that I had a hard drive to save all of my old stuff, but this is start of a brand-new beginning. I plan to get back into the groove of writing again, but some of the joint projects that I have are still on the back burner until I hear back from my friend, but I plan to get back to some of my old works as well. To all the people that have followed me on this site back when I started. Thank you for everything. I truly

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Figured out the problem now · 1:03am Dec 10th, 2022

Okay, so I found out that scratching up my mousepad fucked everything up. I was frustrated and wondering for weeks why it was acting up like this, and now I know why. I’m taking it to Best Buy tomorrow to get it checked out.

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Figured out what happened · 9:57pm Nov 1st, 2022

Okay...so I figured out what was going on. When I was typing one of my stories earlier as I was trying to figure out why YouTube was acting up, I noticed that three specific keys I was using when I was typing, seemed to affect what I was doing when I worked on my stories. It was why that I was affecting what I was doing. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Does anyone have this problem? · 9:06am Oct 31st, 2022

Microsoft Edge released a strange update and now I can't use YouTube without the video pausing and playing on me every second. I'm not even hitting anything, and it keeps doing that crap. Does anyone know how to fix this since I had to restart my laptop at least five times now. It's not just YouTube, even if it's linked from another site onto here, it's screwing it up. I can't watch anything apparently

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What Gimmick in the Pokemon series was the best to you · 8:21am Sep 3rd, 2022

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Birthday and Update · 7:13pm Jun 24th, 2022

Welp, today I turn 27 and I'm still kicking despite having started on Fanfiction at the moment. Sorry if I haven't updated in a while but feel like procrastination and Writer's block have been a major issue with me over the past few years. But I hopeful that I can get myself out of it soon. I just want to let everyone know that follows me that I appreciate you following and liking my stories to see where things go from here. I'm not stopping either. I really enjoyed this hobby of mine and I

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Puzzlemaster98 will be out for awhile · 11:15pm May 15th, 2022

Title says it all. A fellow writer that I'm friends with will not be active for the next two years or so. Mentioned something about moving in back with his parents and he doesn't want his account being seen by them for the time being. Meaning some of our joint projects will be on hold for the time being. I do plan to continue my works from her, hopefully making new stuff as I go along.

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6th rangers · 8:25pm May 1st, 2022

Throughout the power rangers series, with each six ranger that later joins the team, which six ranger do you think each of the girls would be and why?

Rainbow Dash:

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