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Nice of you to stop by. I thank you for coming to read my stories and I encourage you to stay to read even more. I hope you enjoy both your day and my stories!


New story is out! · 10:55am Nov 7th, 2015

My new story, Foxes in Equestria has successfully passed moderation and is viewable to all you guys. It is currently one of my greatest works with a lot of thought and love involved with it. However it isn't doing so well at the moment so I really appreciate if you guys would check it out and possibly give it some support if you like it.

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My Plan

Primary Goal
> To continue writing Foxes in Equestria until it is either completed or been declared a failure. The story will be fairly short (in terms of how long stories usually are) and so it should not take long to finish - no more than two months. So if everything goes to plan then it should hopefully be completed my Christmas!

To help me out with this please see this --> Click Here

After That
> End the hiatus on The Silver Rainbow
> Once The Silver Rainbow is completed or declared as a failure I will end the hiatus on Hearts of Class IV: The Looming Night

Overall Mission
> To finish all five stories of the Hearts of Class series (no matter what)
> To finish The Silver Rainbow
> To finish Foxes in Equestria
> Probably start a new series

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1576315 why thank you!!

Your profile pic is adorable! That is all. :twilightsmile:

1410585 no prob. Also, I did make a new SpikeBelle type group incase you didn't know.

1410579 anything for a loyal follower

thanks for the fav. I think you saved my skin almost.

I still have that bet on the Authors Note.

hay thanks for the fav!

Oh well I'm very glad to be of help. I've had help from pros so I wanted to share what I've learned so others can be great as well. I will like to tell you that I am honest with my comments and will speak out on things, however in a polite way and not to hurt anyone. I do enjoy the story and expect more comments on the way. :twilightsmile:

1233416 you put interesting and useful feedback and comments onto my story which I find really quite helpful and I respect that a lot.

Wow! Thanks for the watch! May I ask what interested you about me?:twilightsmile:

1231965 Thank man, you too.

I can always respect a fellow Spikebelle shipper,

Take a follow

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