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spazmagic the brony

I suck at writing my own stories but if I like your stories i will send messages in a brainstorm fashion. so to all the authors who i have posted too please don't quit i love your work.


so news! · 5:33am Mar 4th, 2015

Me and my editor may make a video explaining a few things on here. Thanks for all the reads in your following me or not...my first published story is kinda rough. I thank you all for taking the time just to look at it. I think I am going to continue it just to get more practice as I work on an old idea I had. But if I put that one out I think ill keep it on lockdown until I deem it good enough. I owe this fandom that much. Oh me and my editor may start doing audio books to story's we like.

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Thanks for the bookshelves

Thank you so much for the follow. :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for adding Ranger to your "the goods" list. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the add on "Sweetie Belle's New Experiences."

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