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Rumor Stormblade

I am Rumor Stormblade, Dark Lord, God of Darkness & Shadow and all that lie within its embrace...I'm also a writer and avid roleplayer.


New Role play group · 5:53pm Feb 21st, 2015

so I made a new roleplay group here it is, enjoy! :trollestia:

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Thank you for faving A Sweet Craving! :pinkiehappy: Did anything stand out for you?

Thought I was all like....:flutterrage: ....but really I'm all like :trollestia::pinkiehappy:

1158783 really brother? Really?:ajbemused:

sure why not?
:pinkiehappy:WITH CLOP!!!....maybe...:pinkiesmile:

Hey Rumor, did you want to try making a rp just between us

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