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Rainbow Dash is many things. Mainly awesome. But romantic, certainly not. Of all the ponies who would attempt a forbidden romance, nopony would have thought she would.

Now she finds herself head over hooves in love with a mortal enemy of the country. On top of that, she has to face the one group of ponies she's terrified of rejecting her new found romance: her best friends.

[Tales of the Carnageverse]

Note: This story was created as a prompt from the RD Random Shipping Game. The game required you to roll a dice and depending on the number, you would then write a 100-500 word ship with a corresponding character. I got number 13 which was a male changeling. The rest of the story is a continuation from the prompt.

Cover Art: The Maiah

Editors: DemonRykuKyuubi, mikemeiers, Cerulean Starlight.

Chapters (18)
Comments ( 927 )

Changeling: "Sorry rainbow dash but your just to much to handle"
Rainbow Dash: "Please ill be better, i can change!"

im a little torn here
on one hand i hate rainbow dash so much ive made up songs about hating her
while on the other hoof i love changlings an incredible amount.

Very interesting premise, will track

3388133 If you're worried I won't go into much about the changelings, then relax, for I will be. But Rainbow Dash will be present for most of the story,fair warning.


3388157 I just started writing it...:fluttershysad:

This is good, but I think that it would've been even better if we got to know the changeling's character first. It just feels like we're missing a lot of the backstory.
Some ideas would be how they met, then how RD reacted when she found out that he was a changeling, etc. Then the scene with the Mane 6 would happen.

3388164 My plan is to look back on that throughout the story.

Well, get to it!!!
My hand hurts from hanging off this cliff!

I am intrigued, do continue.

3388243 I bloody hope so, I'm the one whose writing it.

Wow....I have nothing to say, but I want more.

EDIT: That should be translated as," Can I Haz Moar Pl0X?"

Is this what they mean by buggery?

Intriguing, do go on.

3388385 I feel so loved but pressured at the same time

This is good stuff, but i do want to hear the whole story on how the two met and got together later on

Yes! Its good to see more stories of the one of the mane 6 falling in love with a changling. :ajsmug:


HA! :rainbowlaugh:

*high five*

Well you are in the feature box now. Good luck.

Interesting premise, and from a non-Chrysalis hive.
Also was that supposed to be King Daedalus? Kind Daedalus just sounds awkward. Don't you just love Murphy?

Will fave. and up vote waiting for more

i like the way its going... up to my list you go

Welp. Consider my fancy tickled. Looking forward to more.

3388429As a Murphy I represent that remark...and I find it hilarious. :pinkiehappy:


Once again, I must tell this to sompony. Because, at initial, I'm only curious about this fic....

Well written and interesting.

105 likes, and zero dislikes.

Well. This has been an interesting story, thus far. Putting it in my favorites list right now.

I completely approve this story and respectfully demand more to be posted after the author has had ample time to think, write, and edit the next chapter. :moustache:

That's whats going though my head right now: O... M... C... (Oh My Celestia)

I think Twilight's reaction to the confess of her friend dating a Changeling was a bit... hard.

:twilightangry2: "NO! IT WAS NOT!"

Anyway, what I want to say is:

Fun start.

And smooth, Twilight, very smooth.

Kind Daedalus

Is that meant to be Kind, or 'King'? Hmm... a changeling? Well he can change any part of his body. Chrysalis, you went about this the wrong way!!

'How the buck am I going to tell the girls that I'm dating a changeling?'


Congratulations on #1 in featured box! :twilightsmile:

That remark about "last nights preformance" is that supposed to mean she had sex with him?

All right, Twilight needs a slap.

One 'hoof to the muzzle' express coming right up, destination Miss Sparkle!


Meanwhile, Twilight being the most impulsive asshole on the planet.
Way to be supportive, best friends.

All passengers, please refrain from sticking your hooves out of the windows—wait, that means more slaps. . . Okay, go ahead.

Yeah, Twi' dun goofed. It would have been LOADS smarter to simply say, "How can we be sure you are not being controlled? May I verify with a spell?"

But, we all know how she reacts to stressful situations. . .



How appropriate. The man who made himself some wings as the leader of flying shapeshifters.

3388675 I'll be sure to tickle it more.

3388707 Not sure what a 'Murphy' is, but I appreciate the support.

3388773 Fixed, and moar will be coming soon. Thank you for pointing out that mistake by the way.

3388782 Fucking love that quote, and now I love you.:heart:

3388817 Thank you :twilightsmile:

3388839 Give that man/woman a cookie :moustache:

3388847 Calm down, I promise you there will be more soon.

3388911 Fixed and yes it is.

3388944 ... Yes.

3388946 3388958 3388979 I love Twilight, I really do, but judging by her history of sudden compulsiveness, I knew she would do this.:facehoof:

Wonderful story! Loved every word of it!!

Dohoho! Jumping right in I see. Not that I can blame you, based on the prompt.

My (STRONG) recommendation? Give some backstory behind the two of them. How did they get together? What do they have in common? Because their love is certainly what's going to drive the story, and I would hope you'd put at least a bit of effort into getting that explained and elaborated on.

Time to see if this comment is useless! Next chapter!

I am okay with this. Tickle it 'till my giggle pin is stuck.

Oh, and yes, that was perfectly in character for her, I feel.

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