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Just a simple writer. Mostly erotic fiction, focusing heavily on romance and sometimes kink!

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Thanks for the fave on "A Dream of Change"

I simply love your writing style. :twilightsmile: And I was wondering if you have any plans to write anything more for the site? Or if you have any work archived on another site? Ether way, I look forward to reading future stories. ^^


Pssst. Check out my new thing :heart:

You two actually inspired me to come out of hiding.

1466752 Pretty much what WraithWriter said. Again. I really liked the way the romance was portrayed, and how much of a sexy, cuddly hunk of a stallion Shining is...

*ahem* :twilightblush:

Anyways, seeing the story from either gender's perspective was pretty nifty too, especially since the story was told from the bottom's perspective both ways, which is my fetish favourite. So, yeah, hope this helps.

Also, new chapters!? And stories!? static.gamespot.com/uploads/ignore_jpg_scale_medium/57/579912/2527684-6175813837-ron-p.gif

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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