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Just a guy that love a few things too much, drawing, videogames, music(dubstep), and now writing. Here we go


Freedom (kinda) · 3:20am Dec 11th, 2015

-Bats away cobwebs and the like-

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The One That Rules My Heart


Yo, to you all, and any that is reading this. This here is the guide to all things about Sidain AKA Sid, that you'll need to understand.
Age: 19 years ragged old.
Gender: Male. Ladies I'm single
Hobbies: Music (mostly Dubstep), drawing, writing, and doing collabs with people, standing offer.
Occupation: College student (2 year)
Likes: Anything that's funny, pizza, diamond dogs, NSFW stuff, and a lot of other things that I don't feel like listing.
Dislikes: Breaking promises, loud and annoying people, heights, creepy crap, hate for absolutely no reason, and again a lot of other things that I don't feel like going over.
Favorite Pony list: (In order)
1. Nightmare Moon
2. Luna
3. Pinkie Pie
4. Rainbow Dash
5. Twilight
Least Favorite Pony list: (In order)
1. Rarity
2. ...I don't got anyone else to put.
Things I would like to do as a writer
1. Reach 100 followers [X]
2. Reach 150 followers []
3. Reach 200 followers []
4. Fully complete 10 collaborations []
5. Get featured at least once [X]
6. Finish a long one []
7. Get an artist for one of my fics [X]
8. Help someone proofread/edit their story all the way through []
9. Reach 100 Likes on a single story [X]
10. Reach 200 Likes on a single story []

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hey.. sidain its been a couple years and i was just curious.. are you ok? i mean maybe you have moved on from the whole mlp writing thing but ive been curious for a few years now about your disappearance and if your ok

and you got 200 likes on high moon check that off your list :3

btw you hit 150 followers you might want to check that off your list :3

are you still writing high moon?

:twilghtsmile: :raritystarry: Thank you for adding As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Rip to your favorites!

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