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i have a furaffinity! and an inkbunny! you can find my non-pony stuff there, though i cannot actually link to them because fimfiction. you can probably deduce the usernames i go by on those sites though. if not, feel free to ask me~

consider donating to my patreon! that'd be neat! remember, I can only keep doing this smut writing thing for as long as I can afford it and even a dollar helps!

commission information! (currently closed!)

discord is Azure Dreamer#6512

message me there at any time and i will get back to you asap


Commission Info (currently closed!) · 1:56pm Aug 8th, 2015

Here’s what y’all need to know in order to pay me to write y’all porn.

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ideas are always welcome, but don't expect me to acknowledge it. like you say; most of my focus is on financial obligations right now.

Would you be willing to read ideas for fics, or are you focused on just patreon stuff at the moment?

I will love you if you make a clopfic about Trixie.

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