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Everything you ever wanted to know about our world.

This is a WORLD BUILDING group, NOT an RP group, so no RP threads. Also, NO ONE here claims the artwork as their own (unless it actually is their own). ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RESPECTIVE ARTISTS

(On that note, several ideas were heavily influenced by Tarbtano's Amalgam'verse, and a few pieces of artwork and characters belong to both him and Faith-Wolff, though the two universes are not the same, and so minor changes may be implemented.)

Don't steal pics. If someone asks you to take down their picture, DO IT. I don't care if you have to find another pic or delete the entry entirely, TAKE IT DOWN.

I KNOW we aren't making money off of this, but i REALLY don't want a fight to start over it. If you're using pics or sending me pics to use... ASK PERMISSION FROM THE ORIGINAL CREATOR.


When making entries, please label correctly.

Races- sapient beings

Creatures- animals and monsters

Location- Countries, cities, and locations

Myths and Folklore- legends, beliefs and practices.

Items- i'm sure you can guess

Race Classes- descriptions of Knights, Liches, Wizards, etc.



for fun

Also, no humans

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What is the group about ?

Hey for quick reference any creatures here that are non sentient and could be just wild animals or beasts of burden?

The rule is no humans, correct? I've played with the idea of submitting creatures here, but in their descriptions and some of their backstories refrence the human kingdoms I've created via headcanon. Would I have to remove this to be able to submit them or not as long as I don't go into the Kingdoms lore themselves?

So, is this group about lore for one particular AU Setting?

416019 Yep! if you don't mind sending me a link!

So could I borrow some of this stuff for an MLP fic I'm working on?

415681 ah, i see. don't worry. i'll get to that

415678 Not bad, but I meant who found them first, what other ponies used them, and what benefits they provide besides their harmony lasers (certain other powers, immortality?).

Could you do a thread for the elements of harmony?

414121 Okay, don't worry.
If the battle between Gil-Galad and Reiziger is the equivalent of the Siege of Barad-Dur, I'll use that as reference.
BTW, is Gil-Galad is real name or is there some equivalent/translation/pun? (No real reason, I just love the punny names)
If there's not much to go on, could I come up with something myself as long as I notify you?

414108 Oi...

i've given a few thoughts to that, but as it is right now the dating's kinda skewed. I've given some dates in my post on the various Griffon Wars, but other than that, i've got nothing so far beyond that the War of the Deer is ANCIENT

Hi. I'm thinking of designing Orders of Battle (Like you find on Wikipedia) for any wars fought in the Known World.
Anything you'd recommend? I'd need to know dates, combatants, commanders and relative size of forces.

Need to know. Very important.
Has 'Marephistallion' been done yet?
He/she is a character I've included in the flashbacks of my Doctor Whooves/Derpy fic and I'm hoping to make a post on him.

410397 Grogar is basically Sauron. that's the short description, as i'm tired at the moment, sorry:twilightsheepish:
399700 See the Diamond Dog thread (labeled "canines" in the above link)
401322 I have a similar race known as the Re'em

Hells bells! I found a group like this! I am going to have so much work to do now!:pinkiehappy:

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