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This is group dedicated to incredibly epic and influential world map: Equestria and Beyond by Nasco (previously known as Hilssner). As some of you may know, this map is being made for the upcoming fic, Where the World Ends. (See the tumbler on this project.)

The map notable for containing many locations within the MLP fanon, such as locations from It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door, the Griffin Kingdom(s), Stalliongrad, and a plethora of fantasy counterpart countries and cities with punny names. The map also includes a very large expanded world, making Equestria a rather small part of a larger picture. This map is not only older, but is undeniably 200% more epic than the official one (but that is just my humble opinion).

The purpose of this group is to organize fics that incorporate geography or locations beyond the borders of Equestria as a major part of its setting. Fics do not necessarily need to relate to Where the World Ends or exist in the same universe, but should in some way relate to the spirit of this map.

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If anyone can tell me where on this map I can find the Badlands (if its within this map at all) It'd be much appreciated. :twilightsmile:

Wow, this group is actually getting stories added to it. This is my least successful group, so I'm glad that it's at least getting some attention.

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