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Welcome all to your greatest fears!
a place that leaves grown stallions in tears!
all your hopes, all your dreams,
ripped apart at the seams,
it's a bad bad bad bad world!

Sunny Town, such a peaceful place,
ponies wear friendly smiles on there face,
and Gloomy town, it's not that drear,
really, try the taffy here!
the Carnival Cat is really nice,
She'll give you fun for a real good price,
and there's the forest where the monsters play
stop by them, it'll make their day!

Here is a place with much to hide,
so come with me, now wander inside
So much fear, not much hope,
do you think you can cope?
it's a mad mad mad mad world!

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A mad world indeed.....:pinkiecrazy:

329778 plus he's supernatural. Ghouls, terrifying though the be, are simply intelligent, hairless, carnivorous, burrowing, nocturnal baboon descendants.


I had never heard of either, but after looking them up, I agree. Plus flight is another perk it seems to have over the Gug.

Hmmph... perhaps I wasn't as well versed as I thought... of course my only experiences of his works come from one anthology.

Alright, Old Jenkins or one of the Ghouls from Pickman's Model? Hard to say for me... deadly bite, small size... versus savage and large... I'd assume both have similar levels of intelligence...

Hmm... I'll go with Old Jenkins. One bite would be all it would take, if I remember correctly.

329774 I agree with you on that one. Elder things are tough, and a Deep one wouldn't stand a chance.

Gug vs Shantak.

I have to go with the Shantak on this one, if only due to size and sheer ferocity.

Interestingly, both these beasts are in my headcanon.

Hmm... dang, afraid I haven't read any involving Byakhee, so I don't know enough about them besides what little I could find on Wikipedia...

But I believe from your logic that you may be correct. Though Mi-Go certainly would have an upper hand in manipulation of humans.

Alright, back at you:

Deep One, or Elder Thing? Which would win?
My vote goes to the Elder Thing. Flight, nearly indestructible skin, and high intellect. Enough said.

329768 No problem.

So, A Byakhee vs a Mi-Go...

my money's on the Byakhee. smaller, more agile, that more than makes up for the comparative intelligence of a Mi-Go.

I read it. I would say suspenseful rather than scary.

Of course, I've read so much horror that I've sort of been desensitized to it.

Yeah... reading almost all of the works of H.P Lovecraft in the course of a few weeks can do that to you, I reckon.

Still, it was an amazing story. And I was planning a journal based horror-themed story involving my Abominations...

Might take little inspiration from it.

Anyway, thanks for suggesting it, probably wouldn't have read it otherwise.

I'll give it a look.

329362 You should read a story we have here called the Windigo. really scary, actually. it's in the Beasts folder.

329329 It's good. Pony-turned-monsters count as beasts.:twilightsmile:

Hey, what are the guidelines for posting here? Because I have a story that I think could go into the Beasts folder, but am unsure of whether to put it or not.

I think I'll put it in. If you have a problem, feel free to take care of it as you see fit.

Also, I'm glad I found this place. Carnival Cat, Slendermane... I'm in heaven.

322712 Add away! you don't need permission!:pinkiehappy:

Hi! I'd like to submit my story, "Carnival Cat vs. Pennington Inkwell" for admission into this group! The story has been approved by Sand Josieph, and as a crossover with one of my main stories, it's going to be regularly updated and of a good length.

The story can be found here. www.fimfiction.net/story/99310/carnival-cat-vs-pennnington-inkwell

So glad I found this group! :pinkiehappy: I love the darker legends about what goes on in the Everfree forest!

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